A new website

First of all an apology for how long it has taken to set up a prototype website. With holidays etc. it took until last week to find a time we could  meet and decide what we wanted to do!


Spot typos and factual errors. Andrew is hopeless at proof reading – please help him! Email webteam@wwyork.org with suggestions.

Send us News and Reports for the blog. Email blog@wwyork.org

Help us create a new logo. Do you have ideas in the form of photos, web pages or sketches that could be the inspiration for our new logo? If so, email them as photos or links to webteam@wwyork.org

Help us create an archive of York Wednesday Wheelers memorabilia by joining Dave Bean in compiling it, or just by contributing photos or memories. Email bean77@btinternet.com

Author: wwyork9

York Wednesday Wheelers webteam

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