Route 65 renovation

Over recent years the stretch of Sustrans Route 65 between Sim Balk lane and the “Sun”, alongside the A64, has become a very uncomfortable ride because of tree roots pushing up the tarmac surface.  As someone who has pretty much given up using that path, despite it being down my way, because of the surface, the following is good news:

“Sustrans, supported by City of York Council, will be carrying out path improvements on the Solar System Way (NCN65 / Transpennine Trail) between the A64 and Bishopthorpe in January.  This involves removing the large trees near the A64 and resurfacing the path. The area will be replanted with fruit trees that won’t damage the path. If you want to find out more we are holding a drop-in session on Saturday December 8th from 12pm – 3pm at Brunswick Organic Nursery.”

Presumably this exercise will involve the path being closed for a time while the work goes on.

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