“Short Term” Closure of Terry Avenue

The Environment Agency, in planning flood-prevention works has submitted a planning application that involves the closure of Terry Avenue – for 18 months!  I rather suspect that this plan has been formulated by someone in an office far from York, who knows nothing about York and almost certainly nothing about cyclists and cycling, and has simply settled on the easiest, most obvious answer to a problem. Their alternative route for cyclists involves Skeldergate Bridge, New Walk and – depending on the direction of travel – St George’s Field car park or Tower Gardens . This is intimidating, excessively long, and actually quite technically difficult in places for some users (I’ve seen at least one person doing the school run along Terry Avenue with kids in a Bakfiets; I wouldn’t want to try riding one of those over Blue Bridge). I think it’s also questionable whether some parts of that route, such as Tower Gardens, can safely cope with such a big increase in cycle traffic.

More details: https://yorkcyclecampaign.bike/2019/05/17/terryavenueclosure/

The planning application, where you can object.

The petition covered in today’s Press should be available to sign at Cycle Heaven from tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd May).

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