2 thoughts on “Shorter Wednesday Wheelers’ Rides”

  1. Hi,Just to let you know.  I will be doing Ken’s ride on 27th November. It is advertised in the programme as Selby and Snaith, but I am planning a shorter route of about 50 miles – Selby or Osgodby for elevenses (I haven’t decided yet) and Tadcaster (or Lotherton Hall) for lunch.  I plan to recce the ride tomorrow (18/11/19), but I am sure the total distance will not be more than 50 miles.  I will confirm route and elevenses and lunch venues after tomorrow’s recce.JudySent from Samsung tablet.


  2. Hi,Just belatedly realised that the revised ride that I am planning (replacing Selby and Snaith) is in fact the shorter ride that you are proposing for the 27th November.  I’m happy to lead the shorter ride but this means that the Selby/Snaith ride will not take place that week i.e the shorter ride will be a replacement ride and not an additional ride.JudySent from Samsung tablet.


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