Christmas Lunch: Urgent message from Keith Benton

From: Keith <>
26 Nov at 16:27

Hello everyone

I have a problem with the lunch

The sales manager at Burn Hall is not willing to change the set menus and Traditional roast beef (with a £3.00 supplement) and Salmon can only be chosen from the £25.00 menu.

It seems that patronage for the last 10 years counts for nothing!

We can have the original menu at £21.00 (WW is standing the £1.00 over the £20.00 you have all paid ) or we can have a £25.00 menu. I show below the comparison

So for the trad Soup or (Prawn Cocktail) , Turkey, and  Pudding menu choices (over 80% of you have chosen this) we get nothing more than is offered  on the £21.00  menu  ie paying an extra £4.00 for nothing

My inclination is to go for the £21.00 menu but I would like you all to consider and for those who chose beef or salmon to decide whether the extra is worth it. For the other variations would you please let me know which option you wish to take

I think that we would all have to go with one menu ie we can’t have some on £21.00 and others on £25.00

I am sorry for this hassle. For the first time for 12 years I have not enjoyed the organisation of the lunch. When you stop enjoying something  it is time to give up and I would like another WW to take over for next year

Menu at £21.00                                                          Menu at £25.00

Starter                                                                         Starter
Huby winter broth                                                   Home made leek & potato soup
Chicken liver pate                                                    Deep fried Brie
Prawn Cocktail                                                          Prawn Cocktail

Main                                                                            Main
Trad Turkey                                                               Trad Turkey
Braised shin of beef                                                  Braised shin of beef                                                                                                                                  (roast beef £3.00 supp)
Oven baked cod fillet wrapped in pancetta         Baked salmon
Roast vegetable wellington                                      Mushroom, sorrel risotto

Desserts                                                                        Desserts
Christmas pudding                                                     Christmas pudding
Baked cheesecake                                                       Creme Brulee
Trio of local ice cream                                               Eaton Mess

Tea or coffee and a mince pie                                  Tea and coffee

I’ve coloured the £21.00 menu in Green the £25.00 in red in case your device doesn’t print out in the layout I have used



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