Coxwold Service Postponed

From  Mark Greenshields (the Teesside member who does the publicity for Coxwold):

Coxwold Sunday had been rescheduled, it will now go ahead on the 6th of SEPTEMBER…

Time is still 13:30…
Please share this with others as this Cycling tradition has not been broken since the start, even during a global war time conflict this will be the 94th year it has ran … so let’s not falter now…

So we have confirmed with the church and the Village to continue on the event..

Please Re post this with other members and friends to get the good news out….
At least by then we will have something to unite us by and  come together to remember those we’ve lost during this pandemic and to look forward to a bright future on the open road..

Stay safe looking forward to seeing you in Coxwold on the 6th September….or after sanctions are lifted on a quiet road soon..

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