Hagg Bridge Closure: Update

Further to the previous post on the closure of Hagg Bridge, Storwood here’s an update from Peter Holyoake:

I rode across the bridge today and it seems that they are keeping a section open for pedestrians and cyclists. Contractors are erecting scaffolding on the South side.

Incidentally, the road from Melbourne to Thornton is shown as closed. Once again, it is passable to pedestrians and cyclists.


One thought on “Hagg Bridge Closure: Update”

  1. Another update (15/06/2020) from Andrew Richardson:
    The current position is that cyclists can still use the main carriageway. However this is changing on Wednesday this week [17/06/2020]. They have constructed a temporary footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists with a non slip surface and the main bridge will be closed completely. Cyclists can still get through but will have to dismount. Also they have built some passing places on the footbridge to allow for social distancing as the path is only 1.8 metres wide!


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