Storm Ali Fails to Defeat York WW

Combined ride to Castle Howard Arboretum and Pickering
Andrew Richardson, 19/09/2018

On what must have been the windiest day of the year, about 30 riders left the square in two groups. The Arboretum staff had phoned to confirm that they were staying open until 12 noon, having warned me yesterday that they would have to close if the gusts exceeded 40mph!

 It was fairly easy riding to the Arboretum with a mainly tail wind (somebody commented how fit we all must be today!). Several others had gone directly there and there must have been about 40 riders there for coffee. However, quite a few decided not to continue (largely through fears about the ride back into the building gale).

 By Pickering, there were only 6 remaining in group 1 and 12 in group 2, plus Graham and Derek who had made their own way there. After lunch in Cafe Frog, we discovered that they are closing down soon and the place is being converted into a gin bar! There could be some interesting rides home in future!

 We turned into the wind at Pickering, and it continued to strengthen. Soon after Kirby Misperton group 2 were hit by a very heavy rain shower which continued to Ryton with a strong cross wind – heavy rain blasting into your right ear isn’t fun! Group 1 got a similar soaking whilst passing through Malton. However, we all got back safely with the sun shining.

 One highlight of the day was Ray’s debut on his electric bike conversion. The sight of him outsprinting Robert Worrall up the hill at Great Barugh was one to behold.  Despite the weather I think that most had an enjoyable ride.

Andrew Richardson

Cycling Offences: Have your say

Four years ago, the Westminster Government recognised that our road traffic laws weren’t working and promised a full review of traffic offences and penalties.

Now, instead of the full review, the Government has announced they will look just at cycling offences.

Cycling UK sees this limited review as a wasted opportunity to look at the bigger problems with road traffic laws, and the way the justice system deals with irresponsible, careless and dangerous behaviour by all road users.

If you want to help to make sure the Government don’t get away with just tinkering around the edges, but review our road traffic laws to make sure they deliver just and safe outcomes, so road crime is treated as real crime, please see Cycling UK’s e-letter campaign to the Government and your local MP.

100k/300k Audax, Saturday 12th May and Coxwold Cyclists’ Service Sunday 13th May

Two great events in one weekend:

Coxwold and audax notice May 2018.pdf

Saturday 12th May: 300km/100km Audax Rides. Start from Wigginton at 5am/10am respectively.  See details at or contact Keith Benton (01904 769378) for more information.

Sunday 13th May: This is one of the last remaining annual cyclists’ services, commemorating cyclists who gave their lives in the wars. This is usually well attended by cyclists from West and East Yorkshire and Teesside, as well as those from York and North Yorkshire.
Meet in the Coxwold Village Hall any time after 11am where a great spread of food will be available. The (short) service starts at 1.30pm, and further refreshments will be available in the Village Hall afterwards.
See or contact Judy Webb (01904 761112) for more information.

Temporary Closure of NCN65/66 Between Sim Balk Lane and the “Sun”

Sent out today by Andy Vose, CoYC Cycling and Walking Officer. See map below for the stretch affected, in red:


Apologies for the very late notice. I only found out this morning the exact dates and times when A-one+ are planning their closures of the section of the TPT / NCN65(&66) which runs parallel with the A64 between the Sun sculpture and Sim Balk Lane Bridge. They need to close the path at certain times on certain days to undertake some ditch clearance works and clearing back some vegetation which is affecting the operation of the drainage ditch. Please note they are not proposing to do anything with the root-damaged path surface at this point but have agreed to look at this as a separate maintenance scheme since we managed to point out to them that the path is on their land. The work in the vicinity is programmed to start on 3rd April and finish on 27th April. The closures will mostly be taking place during the evenings starting at 2000hrs and reopening at 0800hrs but they have also indicated that they will need to undertake some daytime work therefore will need to close the path between 0930hrs and 1530hrs on the 16th to 20th April and 23rd to 27th April. Please note that on some of the dates they will only be working on the A64 itself adjacent to the path so it may be possible to keep the path open, there may also be times when it is possible to marshal path users through the works area without them having to divert. They will only be working Monday to Friday. I’ve tried to summarise the closures below to simplify the situation

Date Times Path Closure in Place
3rd April* 2000hrs to 0800hrs
4th April* 2000hrs to 0800hrs
5th April* 2000hrs to 0800hrs
6th April* 2000hrs to 0800hrs
9th April 2000hrs to 0800hrs
10th April 2000hrs to 0800hrs
11th April 2000hrs to 0800hrs
12th April 2000hrs to 0800hrs
13th April 2000hrs to 0800hrs
16th April 0930hrs to 1530hrs and 2000hrs to 0800hrs
17th April 0930hrs to 1530hrs and 2000hrs to 0800hrs
18th April 0930hrs to 1530hrs and 2000hrs to 0800hrs
19th April 0930hrs to 1530hrs and 2000hrs to 0800hrs
20th April 0930hrs to 1530hrs and 2000hrs to 0800hrs
23rd April 0930hrs to 1530hrs and 2000hrs to 0800hrs
24th April 0930hrs to 1530hrs and 2000hrs to 0800hrs
25th April 0930hrs to 1530hrs and 2000hrs to 0800hrs
26th April 0930hrs to 1530hrs and 2000hrs to 0800hrs
27th April 0930hrs to 1530hrs and 2000hrs to 0800hrs
*The works will be taking place on the adjacent A64 but may affect the path sometimes. If the path won’t be affected it will stay open. They have agreed to marshal path users through the works area when it is safe to do so i.e. when they are jetting out the culvert. I have attached the diversion route plan and their signing proposals. Can you please spread the word amongst the various cycling communities to save anyone being unduly inconvenienced by the works. I’m afraid we didn’t have any say over the timing of the works which coincide with the Easter holiday period.