Free: Phone Case – use your smartphone as a satnav

Turn smart phone into a satnav

Free to a good home, doesn’t work with my tricycle

Mounts on crossbar with three straps. Takes large and small smart phones.  Room in case for battery and other useful bits and pieces.

Install a route planning app such as Komoot and you are in business. 

Contact Andrew Monk

07919 618306

Aldwark Bridge Closure

Aldwark Bridge closed for repairs yesterday (15/06/2020) for approximately 8 days. It has been suggested that cyclists may still be able to cross at times, but apparently this wasn’t the case on the first day of the closure.

If you need to cross the river here, a footpath of about 1km length on the west bank of the Ouse links Aldwark bridge to a footbridge over the river, bringing you out in Aldwark village, on the bend near the church.

The footpath doesn’t appear on some past OS editions, but is on the current map.

Facilities in Easingwold

Louise Chamings observed the following useful facilities were available in Easingwold on Thursday, which may be of use to Wheelers:

  • The Olive Branch cafe was open for takeaways.
  • Thomas the bakers was open
  • There was also little coffee van in the square.
  • The Co-op, as expected is open but closes for an hour some days mid-morning for restocking.
  • The most surprising thing and one which particularly the female Wheelers might like to know is that the toilets in the square were open with good handwashing facilities too !

Hagg Bridge Closure: Update

Further to the previous post on the closure of Hagg Bridge, Storwood here’s an update from Peter Holyoake:

I rode across the bridge today and it seems that they are keeping a section open for pedestrians and cyclists. Contractors are erecting scaffolding on the South side.

Incidentally, the road from Melbourne to Thornton is shown as closed. Once again, it is passable to pedestrians and cyclists.


Status of York Bike Shops

Whilst bike shops have, quite correctly, been identified as a key service and so are permitted to open under current restrictions, you may have noticed that some have decided not to open.  Others are opening but with restricted hours.  If you need spares or a repair, save an unproductive trip by consulting this list put together by York Cycle Campaign.

Coxwold Service Postponed

From  Mark Greenshields (the Teesside member who does the publicity for Coxwold):

Coxwold Sunday had been rescheduled, it will now go ahead on the 6th of SEPTEMBER…

Time is still 13:30…
Please share this with others as this Cycling tradition has not been broken since the start, even during a global war time conflict this will be the 94th year it has ran … so let’s not falter now…

So we have confirmed with the church and the Village to continue on the event..

Please Re post this with other members and friends to get the good news out….
At least by then we will have something to unite us by and  come together to remember those we’ve lost during this pandemic and to look forward to a bright future on the open road..

Stay safe looking forward to seeing you in Coxwold on the 6th September….or after sanctions are lifted on a quiet road soon..

Coronavirus: Restrictions on movement

You will probably have become aware in recent days of the confusion, not least among politicians and police forces, about what restrictions recent emergency legislation puts on your freedom of movement. So that you know what you are, and are not, allowed to do, here’s a link to what the law itself says:

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020. Regulation 6: Restrictions on movement

Coronavirus Update 21/03/2020

Please see Cycling UK’s latest guidance:

Coronavirus Q&A: Is it safe to cycle? and Why we had no choice but to advise against group rides.

In summary, with a few exceptions (detailed in the Q&A) yes, we should carry on cycling.  However, the advice is clear and unequivocal on cycling in groups: you shouldn’t ride with anyone else, other than members of your own household.