Nun Monkton – Beningbrough Ferry

This from Andrew Richardson:

Interesting article in the Yorkshire Post suggesting that the ferry will be carrying bicycles free of charge. I believe that last year, they weren’t allowed to take bikes because The National Trust has forbidden it. Does anyone know any more about this development. Useful if correct!


Triennial Veterans’ Ride (Tri-Vet)

Andrew Richardson points out that, though there isn’t a Tri-Vets ride being organised for North Yorkshire, there is one not too far away. Huddersfield CTC ore organising a ride on Sunday 16th June, starting and finishing in Fairburn. Details: .  Andrew is planning to enter, should anyone wish to join him.

CTC North Yorkshire April Events

Notice of forthcoming events, from Andrew Richardson.

Please support the following events in April:

Saturday 6 April – Wiggy 100km Audax ride – start 10am from Wigginton Recreation Hall. Stops at Boroughbridge and Ripley.
Alternative 60km standard ride – same start. Lunch at Easingwold.
Entries please ASAP to Keith Benton – see Audax UK website

Sunday 14 April – GHS Memorial ride. 50 miles in 5 hours – start 10am St Nicholas Street Car Park, Norton. (George Herbert Stancer was an early Pioneer of the CTC. He was from Pocklington, where the event meets other rides from other areas at lunchtime. See

Sunday 21st April – Thornton le Dale 50 miles in 5 hours – start 10am from Thornton le Dale Car Park – see Margy Storer (organiser) for a discount slip before paying for Car Park. Nice route with lunch in Helmsley.

For full details of all events, including routes, see the CTC North Yorkshire website and join the Facebook Group (search CTC North Yorkshire) for updates, reports and pictures.

Wigginton Road / Ring Road Roundabout

From Richard Williamson:

Be good if Wheelers could look at the York Council proposals for “improvements” to Clifton Moor and Wigginton Road roundabouts. These are up for public consultation at the moment. There is some provision for a new cycle path alongside the current ring road which is good but no underpass for crossing Wigginton Road roundabout travelling north or south out of town. Cyclists are being asked to play chicken either by cycling across the roundabout or by walking a bike across several lanes of traffic. Proposals are at web link below. Be good to give council cyclist feedback.

Save Nidderdale Greenway

Even if you haven’t known the name, just about all Wednesday Wheelers will have used the Nidderdale Greenway.  Many parts of it feature regularly on our rides.  It’s not just useful, but lovely.  I have just become aware of a road-building proposal that threatens to ruin it.  Despite much opposition from local residents, Harrogate’s MP and, not least, an overwhelming vote (14-2) of the North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) councillors representing the Harrogate and Knaresborough area, the NYCC Executive has ploughed ahead with plans for a “relief road”, including proposals that would ruin Nidd Gorge and the Greenway.  Both of the councillors who voted in favour of the proposal sit on the relief road Steering Committee, and one of them, Councillor Don Mackenzie, is not only one of the two councillors responsible for that NYCC Executive decision but also – get the irony – NYCC’s Walking and Cycling Champion.

It is highly questionable whether any of the options would help reduce congestion in Harrogate. Of all the traffic in Harrogate, only 7% is through traffic, with 93% of journeys being into, out of or entirely within Harrogate. The more likely effect is that extra capacity afforded by any new road would generate more journeys and more congestion.  See for lots more background.

Please see,  and share, the online petition.

Flickr Gallery Update

Dave Bean sends the following update:

Since Flickr changed hands, they have decided to charge a yearly fee for all accounts with more than 1,000 photographs  It has been decide that this fee will be paid to give a full Gallery facility to the Wednesday Wheelers Website.  To get maximum value from this investment, the Gallery now includes photographs back to April 2009.  This includes over 3,800 Photographs in over 400 Albums.

When time allows, the Gallery will be extended further using material in the hands of Mick L.

If any other Wheeler has photographs they wish to be included in the Gallery please forward them to me.

Please make the maximum use of the Gallery – there are some really interesting images in there!


Dave Bean