Join us

York Wednesday Wheelers is a Member Group of Cycling UK (formerly known as CTC), meaning that it is a local group of Cycling UK members.  To join York Wednesday Wheelers, you must therefore be a member of Cycling UK, though non-members are welcome to take part in up to three trial rides. There is no additional fee to join York Wednesday Wheelers.   If you wish to continue after three trial rides we require you to join Cycling UK in order to ensure that all riders benefit from third-party insurance cover, and because our activities are funded by a grant from Cycling UK.

If you are considering riding with York Wednesday Wheelers, please see the page Riding With Us.  Before your first ride, please register your contact details, even if you’re unsure whether or not you will formally join the club.  This is essential for insurance purposes.  You will also get occasional emails from us about rides and other York Wednesday Wheeler activities. See “What we do with the personal details you have given us” on the Riding with us page for more details.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

Joining us and getting yourself on our email list

If you wish to continue riding with us after three trial rides you are must join Cycling UK.  This gives you free third party liability insurance and a bi-monthly magazine, among other benefits such as access to legal representation, and discounts at some retailers.

What are our rides like?

Runs generally consist of two or three legs (of between 60 and 90 minutes each) interspersed with stops for elevenses and lunch,  during the longer days of summer there is generally an extra afternoon stop. If you have a sweet tooth like me that means three guilt-free cakes!  Cafe/pub stops are published in the Rides Calendar.

Up to four rides set off from Exhibition Square each Wednesday: Ride 1 leaders will aim to achieve an average speed of 13 to 14 mph, Ride 2 and Ride 3, an average of about 12 mph, and Ride 4 an average of between 10 and 12 mph. Routes vary in length. In the summer we travel a total of anything from 50 to 100 miles, in the winter when the days are shorter 40 to 70 miles. As you might guess from the average speeds, Ride 1 most often covers the greatest distance, Ride 4 the least and Rides 2 and 3 somewhere in between. See the Rides Calendar for details of specific rides.

You can vary the length of the ride by making your own way to the designated elevenses or lunch stops.  You can depart at any point and make your own way home. When you are about to leave the ride, please try to inform the leader directly, or by passing a message up the peloton, see Riding with us.

After looking at our runs list, you may still think the distances are too great, don’t worry! You’ll be amazed how quickly your fitness improves with regular participation – as long as you don’t try to do too much too soon.

You will generally be riding in a group of between 10 and 20 riders – you will be surprised to hear that more people turn up when the sun is shining!

Please consult the Riding with us page for advice about how to make every ride is as enjoyable and as safe as possible for all.