Cycling UK – “a trading name of Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC)”.  York Wednesday Wheelers is a “member group” of Cycling UK and we receive a grant from them to assist us in running the club (join Cycling UK here).  You can join up to three York Wednesday Wheelers rides as a guest but if you like us and wish to continue riding with us after that you must join Cycling UK (see Join us page).  There is no additional fee, beyond your Cycling UK membership, yo become a York Wednesday Wheeler.

York Wednesday Wheelers on Facebook.

North Yorkshire CTC.  See also their Facebook page. Useful site for finding other groups in North Yorks. They also organise rides around the county, several of which are included in the North Yorks Awards Scheme.

CTC York organise rides on Sundays, plus other rides and tours.

Harrogate Wheel Easy.  One of the larger groups in the area with several grades of regular ride.

Early History of the Wednesday Wheelers from Malcolm Pexton.

A crowd-sourced map of cafes catering to cyclists (covers the UK and, plus a few cafes further afield).

Gritting routes for planning routes on icy days: York, North Yorkshire, East Riding.

Harrogate Wheel Easy. One of the larger groups in the area with several grades of regular ride.

Dangerous or anti-social driving can be reported online to North Yorkshire Police.  Make sure you get the vehicle registration number if something happens to you! Videos can also be submitted directly to

List of apps and webpages for route planning and recording

When planning a route these know where cyclists go and use this intelligence to help plan and modify routes for you. In all cases routes can be saved in the open, GPX format that can be used with Garmin and other cycling SatNavs.

Bikemap (app and website, details here) Excellent maps, easy to share (see our very own WW BikeMap routes). I have heard tell that they are not so easy to modify? Most features free, premium plan (needed for off line use) €29 p.a.

Plotaroute (Website) Fully functioned planning website similar to Komoot. Free with Ads and some limits. £15 for unlimited ad free version.

Komoot  (app and website, details here) I use this to turn my touchscreen phone into a cycling SatNav. Clever planning functions, I have found several new routes with Komoot. Local maps free. Worldwide maps, one-off cost of €29. Komoot can be set to work with Garmin Connect so that routes created on the Komoot website are automatically downloaded to your Garmin SatNav. I am a Komoot Pioneer (be very impressed!) I am happy to give advice on the use of this website/app. You will find my pictures of cafe menus available as Touring Highlights.

Strava (app and website, details here) More fitness and social media oriented than the above two apps. Records your ride and compute useful stats such as calories burned (to justify all those cakes :-). Follow other Wednesday Wheelers, comment on and give “kudos” on each other’s achievements. Can also plan routes, no idea how easy this part is to use. Free for most useful stuff.

Garmin Basecamp (Widows or MacOS application, details here)  Adrian Setter says “The free download doesn’t come with much in the way of useful maps. You can buy mapping from Garmin but OpenStreetMap work very well both on Basecamp and on my Garmin device.  Several web sites offer free download of OpenStreetMap maps in the right format but so far I’ve found those from Openfietsmap, which have pretty comprehensive coverage of cycle routes, the best for cycling. Decent broadband is useful: the download for Great Britain is over 1GB, or you can get the whole of Europe in 14GB! Basecamp will probably be of most interest to owners of Garmin devices, but those with other brands of GPS set could find it useful for route-planning as routes are saved in the open, GPX format.”

Garmin Connect (app, details here) This app syncs planned routes with your Garmin. May also be of interest to cyclists keen on fitness monitoring and “connecting” on social media.

Bikehike (Website) Dave Bean says “When creating or viewing a route, the left hand side of the screen shows either 1) a generic map 2) a satellite view or 3) a OSM cycle map showing all the National Routes. The right hand side of the screen shows a 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey Map. This is a free site but donations are welcome! Bikehike have a limited OS Licence so sometimes (when heavily used) the 1:50,000 is not available. Bikehike covers the whole world – amazing (with cycling routes where available).”

Others? If you have a favourite cycling app or website please let us know: email