Early History of York Wednesday Wheelers

By Malcolm Pexton, 2017

In cycling circles the York’s Wednesday Wheelers are comparatively new, the CTC of which we are a very small section was formed in 1878 as the “Bicycle Touring Club” in Harrogate, on August 5th by Stanley Cotterell. And it became the CTC in 1883 when the Organization re-titled itself “Cyclists’ Touring Club”.   When an entrance fee was instituted and the membership reached 10,627. Headquarters were established at 139-140 Fleet Street, London EC4.
It was 1945 before Yorkshire gets a mention in the CTC’s online potted history when, the First York Rally was held as a get-together of Yorkshire CTC District Associations.
As far as the CTC is concerned history is pre 1980.

When Walter Rich retired and moved to York he became involved with the district association, (I got this from the NYDA scrap book), and so from here on I will let him tell his own story.

York CTC – Wednesday Wheelers Section

Wednesday wheelers began life on 28th August 1985 when seven riders, sharing about 450 years, rode from York to Chapel Haddlesey via the Selby Canal.   The one woman in the party, Mary Woodhead, still a member, was then living at Airmyn. With the exception of one rider from Malton all the others were from York.   *Walter Rich had retired to York a couple of years earlier. He had ridden with a Wednesday section in South-West London and he knew there must be a good potential “market” for such a venture in York.   The DA supplied a list of “older” members and he got together the seven who took part in this first ride. There has been a ride every Wednesday since! Except for the odd occasion when Christmas Day falls on a Wednesday.   There are now 60 members on the list and the average weekly turnout is 20 plus and the total shared years is now put at around 3,500!!   The section has a lively social life, both on and off the bike.   Coffee, lunch and tea stops are lengthy and noisy.
There are two buffet lunches annually as well as a Christmas lunch, complete with carols.  
Adventures further afield include occasional two or three day hostel trips and in recent years there have been foreign trips ably organised by Peter Holyoake.*Walter, retired from the post of secretary at the 2009 AGM

Fortunately someone remembered to take a camera on this first run.
L-R: John Wood, Mary Woodhead, Arthur Beecroft, Tom Watson, Helen ?, Arnold Elsegood, Peter Redhead , Dennis ?, Peter ?
A joint meeting, Autumn Tints and the WW’s at Hillam in 1987
25th Anniversary Run August 25th 2010 – Following, as near as was still practical, the original route to Chapel Haddlesey, for a buffet lunch at the same Jug Inn. Wednesday Wheelers Regroup at the Millennium Bridge.