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Velomobile sighting, 11/10/2017


Some of you were intrigued by a vehicle that passed in the opposite direction as we travelled between Strensall and Sheriff Hutton on Wednesday.  Yes, despite its rapid progress against a stiff headwind its only motive power was human.  It was a faired, recumbent tricycle, a setup usually referred to as a Velomobile. I’m all but certain the one we saw was a “Quest” .  If not it was one of a couple of other very similar machines.  All of them are made in the Netherlands, where the flat terrain and often-windy conditions are a natural home to a machine that is highly-streamlined, but rather heavy.  From my years in HPV racing, I know several velomobile owners; all are utterly converted, and don’t all even live in particularly flat areas.

People much cleverer than me have calculated that a Quest pedalled on the flat by a rider putting out 150W will travel at about 23.5 mph, whereas the likes of us – on an upright, riding on the tops – would be more than 8 mph slower.

Ride to Pickering, Wednesday 11/10/2017

A report from the ride leader, Bryan Stanton

We stayed dry till Pickering passing the fracking demonstration at Kirby Misperton (demonstrators with placards and lots of police!) and arrived in Pickering without rain.  Then as we were leaving  the rain started and got heavier all the way back to Hovingham where it dried up a bit!  Pedalling into the wind was hard and going uphill even harder meaning that I adopted the management strategy of leading from the back!  Still it gave the others frequent rests.

I need to say thanks to everyone for waiting; I was getting more and more wrecked as the ride wore on and eventually I was dropped all together and got home (in sunshine!) at my own pace.

Once again thanks to everyone for their help


Knaresborough, Summer Bridge, 6/7/17

We enjoyed a ride of about 120 km to summer bridge and back. There were a few challenging climbs ups such as Dacre Banks on the way to lunch and a tough climb up Hartwith Bank but we were rewarded by a long downhill and following wind on the return to York. My thanks to those who rode with me and were such good company.

Nick Folkard

Keith Benton completes LEL in 120 hours

London to Edinburgh and back or LEL for short is the biggest and longest Audax ride in the UK. 1440km or roughly 890 miles, 18 controls catering for 1500 entrants gives some idea of the scale (see for more).
High winds and heavy rain were not the best of conditions so I’m afraid I missed the 117 1/2 hour deadline finishing in 120 hours At least I finished and got the medal ; the oldest rider to have completed the course but …. never again! Keith Benton

Selby/Blacktoft 9/8/17

Group 2 stopped at Osgodby instead of Selby. A pleasant ride to Blacktoft over the flat lands of East Yorkshire. Met up with Group 1 at Blacktoft Community Hall. What a nice place – they had even put out checked table cloths for us. After a short break to admire the Humber at the lock where the Market Weighton Canal comes into it we set off into a strong headwind. Stopped for a welcome third break at Allerthorpe Lakeland Park. I had 79 miles on my computer when I got home.  Andrew Monk

A new website

First of all an apology for how long it has taken to set up a prototype website. With holidays etc. it took until last week to find a time we could  meet and decide what we wanted to do!


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