Ride Leaders

NOTE: Unless you have made a previous arrangement with them, these mobile numbers should only be used for texts and calls about a ride the person listed is leading.

Martyn Atkins07805 078900
Keith Benton07900 890091
Roger Bilsby07711 804602
Ken Bottomer07933 404061
Colin Clarken/a
Dave Cook07710 035600
Brian Davis07549541177
Nick Folkard07724 082942
Steve Green07803 015239
Ian Hamptonn/a
Lee Harris07778772652
Patrick Hollier07740 148830
Robin Hudson07901 537544
Tim Hughesn/a
Colin Langley07776 187850
Murray Walsh-Banks07805 861696
John Longbottom07766 384268
Philip Marsham07510 247366
Sandra McCormick07771965893
Kev Milling07552 789563
Geoff Powner07775 576226
Eamon Prendergast07867 663987
Sally Raines07929582989
Andrew Richardson07972 012520
Phil Sapsford07779026875
Patrick Seagrave07521 685489
Adrian Setter07522 165488
Margaret Sinclair07758459127
Bryan Stanton07551 901200
Colin Wadsworthn/a
John Walker07786678055
Judy Webb07938 130574
Dave Williamson07563 789522
Richard Williamson07419 904809
Ginny Wilson07989620041