Rides Archive (2017-2020)

11/03/2020 Ride 1: Bainton.  Leader: Adrian Setter.  Route: Stockton, Stamford Bridge, Full Sutton, Skirpenbeck, Kirby Underdale, Huggate, Kirkburn, Bainton (lunch at the Wolds Village Tearoom), North Dalton, Middleton-on-the-Wolds, Burnby, Hayton, Thornton, Elvington, Escrick, Thornton. Approx 75 miles, 2800 feet. GPS: www.plotaroute.com/route/1049018

11/03/20 Ride 2a – Easingwold and Ampleforth – Judy W, route Haxby, Strensall, Sutton-on-the -Forest, Easingwold (elevenses at ‘Morning Coffee, Afternoon Tea’), Husthwaite, Coxwold, Colley Broach Road, Ampleforth (lunch at Abbey Tea Rooms), Gilling East, Stonegrave, Hovingham, Slingsby, Castle Howard and home.  Approx 60 very beautiful miles.

11/03/20 Ride 2bTadcaster and Sherburn in Elmet, Steve G. route Askham Brian Healaugh Wighill Tadcaster Elevenses Lemon Tree Bramham Aberford Sherburn in Elmet Lunch Aero Club Wistow Selby Cycle Path York 60 Miles.

04/03/20 Ride 1:  Kirkbymoorside Leader: Eamon. Lunch: Corner Cafe. Distance: 62 miles (31 miles to lunch) Bikemap route: https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/5619575

04/03/20 Ride 2a: Nick F, 65mile ride to Bishop Monkton, NOT to South Stainley. This ride is to the Mason’s Arms at Bishop Monkton as the Red Lion has been repurposed. This route may be subject to change due to the amber flood warnings in force for parts of North Yorkshire. Route is York-Knapton-Rufforth-Healaugh-Wighill-Wetherby 11’s at Morrisons-Kirk Deighton-North Deighton-Little Ribston-Knaresborough-Farnham-Burton Leonard-Bishop Monkton-Roecliffe-Boroughbridge-Thornton Bridge-Brafferton Helperby-Aldwark and return to York by any flood free route. If you intend to eat at the Mason’s Arms, let me know at 11’s. Wheelers_route_to_Bishop_Monkton_and_return..gpx

04/03/20 Ride 2b: Phil M, YORK, Knapton, Rufforth, Tockwith, Little Ribston, KNARESBOROUGH (Riverfront Cafes), Beryl Burton Way, Ripley, Markington, Bishop Monkton, Littlethorpe, RIPON (Spa Gardens Cafe), Sharrow, Marton-le-Moor, Cundall, Helperby, Tollerton, either Shipton or Huby & Bohemia, depending on floodwater, YORK. Approx 68 or 72 miles.

26/2/20 – Ride 1 Sickinglinghall ( Scotts Arms). Leader M.Banks 0780 586 1696. Route – Rufforth, Catterton, Tadcaster, Bramham, East Rigton, Collingham, Sickinglinghall (Lunch Scotts Arms Approx 12.00) Wetherby, Walshford, Cattal (* river dependant) Whixley, Little Ouseburn, Tollerton, Huby, Stillington, Farlington, Sheriff Hutton, Strensall. Approx 74m 2400ft. York Appox 17.00hrs  * If Bridge at Cattal is still flooded alternative route will be up the A168 then along single track road, cross A59 then into Whixley. I shall check route day before. Route – Sickinglinghall – Scotts Arms

26/2/20 – Ride 2a, Easingwold & Westow  Leader: David Williamson. overall distance 55.1 miles. Route: Part One 16.2 miles. Leave York through old Hospital, Haxby, towards Strensall, cut through via Wood House Farm avoiding Strensall, Sutton-on-the Forest, Huby, Easingwold. Elevenses at Café of your choice Easingwold. Route: Part Two 18.6 Miles. Crayke, Brandsby, Whenby, Sherrif Hutton, Bulmer, Welburn, Kirkham, Westow. Lunch at Blacksmiths Arms Westow. Route: Part Three 20.3 miles. Leppington, Bugthorpe, Skipenbeck, Full Sutton, Stamford Bridge, Warthill, York.  GPS (updated 24/2): Easingwold-Westow20200216

19/02/20 Ride 1 – Birkin (Birkin Fisheries) Leader Patrick H. Route – Askham Bryan, Wighill, Tadcaster, Aberford, Mickelfield, Brotherton, BIRKIN (Birkin Fisheries for lunch), Thorpe Willoughby, Selby, Osgodby, Skipwith, Escrick, Bishopthorpe, York. Approx 61 miles. GPS: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/1030517

19/02/20 Ride 2b Leader: Dave B Route: Askham Bryan, Healaugh, Thorp Arch (Elevenses at The Bistro), Bramham, Aberford, Barkston Ash, Church Fenton, Biggin, Thorpe Willoughby (Lunch at The Fox), Cawood, Stillingfleet, York via the Planets Cycle Way. Approx 52 miles. 1100 feet of ascent. ThWillby.gpx

12/02/2020 Ride 1: Hovingham.  Leader: Adrian Setter.  Route: Haxby, Strensall, Huby, Stillington, Brandsby, Crayke, Yearsley, Hovingham (lunch at the Park Coffee Shop), Terrington, Welburn, Westow, Bossall, Warthill. Approx 63 miles, 3200 feet. GPShttps://www.plotaroute.com/route/1022833

12/02/2020 Ride 2a Leader Bryan:  YORK, Acomb, Askham Bryan, Healaugh , Wighill, Thorp Arch (Elevenses: The Bistro). Boston Spa, Clifford, Bramham, (Cross A1)., Wothersome and bridleway to A64 and Potterton, Barwick in Elmet, Aberford,  NB, Roadworks dictate a diversion right through Aberford to the next junction and left (Lunch: The Stables, Lotherton Hall).  Home via Towton, Tadcaster, Oxton, Bolton Percy, Appleton Roebuck, Acaster Malbis, Bishopthorpe riverside if not flooded YORK. Approx 48 miles. WW_ThorpArch_Lotherton.gpx

05/02/20 Ride 1 – Green Hammerton (Bay Horse) Leader Patrick H. Route – Askham Bryan, Wighill, Wetherby, Sicklinghall, Kirkby Overblow, Spofforth, North Deighton, Cowthorpe, Cattal, GREEN HAMMERTON (Bay Horse for lunch), Thorpe Underwood, Aldwark Bridge, Linton, Beningborough, York. Approx 58 miles. WW_Green_Hammerton_050220.fit WW_Green_Hammerton_050220.gpx WW_Green_Hammerton_050220.tcx

05/02/20 Ride 2a Phil M. YORK, Warthill, Sand Hutton, Bossall, Crambe, Welburn, CASTLE HOWARD, Coneysthorpe, Amotherby, Great Habton, MALTON (Morrison’s), Leavening, Leppington, Scrayingham, Buttercrambe, Upper Helmsley, YORK. Approx 56 miles.

29/1/20 Ride 1 –  LEADER; Patrick S. ROUTE; Cawood, Thorpe Willoughby, Birkin, Burton Salmon, Monk Fryston , Lumby, Sherburn in Elmet, Lotherton Hall (LUNCH). Saxton, Barkston Ash, Ulleskelf, Tadcaster, Wighill, Catterton, Askham Bryan,York. (104km)

22/1/20 Ride 1 – Malton ( Hidden Monkey for Lunch) Leader M.Banks 0780 586 1696 Haxby, Farlington, Strearsby, Dalby, Terrington, Coneysthorpe, Malton ( Hidden Monkey Approx 12.00pm) Settrington (not the hill) North Grimston, Birdsall, Roman Road to Kirkby Underdale, Bugthorpe, Skirpenbeck, Buttercrambe, Upper Helmsley, Warthill, Murton, Osbaldwick. 64m Approx 2900ft Climb. Route: Malton

22/1/20 Ride 2a  – Osgodby and Howden, Judy W Cycle path to Osgodby (elevenses at Garden Centre Cafe). South Duffield, Brind, Howden (lunch at Cheese Shop). Return via Spaldington, Foggathorpe, Sutton-on-Derwent, Newton-on-Derwent, Stamford Bridge.  Approx 56 miles. Note: Cheese Shop happy to welcome us but would like us to pre-order lunch.  I will bring menus to square so you can choose and I’ll phone through our orders.

22/01/20 Ride 2b. Wetherby and Green Hammerton  I will be following the same route as John Longbottom from 8 Jan: Askham Bryan, Healaugh, Wighill, WETHERBY (Morrison’s), Path alongside A1, Winnow Lane, Boston Spa, Thorp Arch, Walton, Cattal, Kirk Hammerton, GREEN HAMMERTON (Bay Horse), Thorp Underwood, Aldwark Bridge, Linton, Newton, Beningborough, YORK. Approx 52 miles.

15/01/20 Ride 1: Goodmanham: Note the change to the lunch venue: The Wolds Way Café is closed until 24th. Leader: Adrian Setter.  Warthill, Stamford Bridge, Bishop Wilton, Millington, Nunburnholme, Londesorough, Goodmanham (lunch at the Fiddle Drill), Londesborough, Burnby, Thornton, Elvington, Wheldrake, Escrick, Bishopthorpe. Approx 63 miles, 2700 feet.  GPShttps://www.plotaroute.com/route/1000728 

15/01/20 Ride 2a Hovingham. Bryan S. Leave town via cycle path to Overton / Beningborough / Newton on Ouse / Linton on Ouse / around the airfield / Youlton / Alne / Easingwold (Coffee at The FIKA Room AKA Sugar Mouse} Uppleby / Oulston / Through Oulston Right to Yearsley / Left Towards Hovingham / Left down to Gilling / Cawton / Stonegrave/ Hovingham (Lunch at The Park Café) Slingsby / Castle Howard / Foston / Thornton le Clay / Flaxton / Strensall / Haxby/ Home. WW_Easingwold_Hovingham.gpx

15/1/20 Ride 2b Leader Geoff P  Askham Bryan, Bilbrough, Warthill, Thorp Arch (Elevenses at Cafe & Bistro) Bramham, Potterton, Barwick in Elmet, Lotherton Hall (Lunch in cafe), Tadcaster, Appleton Roebuck, York. We should be back to York 3.30pm or just after.  Distance 48 miles. NB There is a section of bridle path on the route with generally good hard surface but a few muddy patches.

08/01/20 Ride 1:  Howden Leader: Eamon. Lunch: The Cheese Shop. Distance: 61 miles. Bikemap route: https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/5510280/

08/01/20 Ride 2a Green Hamerton, leader John L. Unlike those hardy riders who turned out on New Year’s Day, the rest of us would have been off the saddle for a few weeks. So here’s a ride to get the legs turning again. We make for Morrisons at Wetherby through Askham Bryan, Healaugh, Wighill. After elevenses we go to Green Hammerton though Boston Spa, Thorp Arch, Walton Cattle and Kirk Hammerton. Lunch will be at the Bay Horse. From there we return to York by way of Thorp Underwood, Aldwark Bridge, Linton, Newton and Beningborough. Total distance 76Kms. We should be back in York between 3.30 & 4.00. Wetherby__Green_Hammerton.gpx

08/01/20 Ride 2b  Malton. Stockton Lane, Bossall, Crambe, Castle Howard (coffee at the Courtyard Cafe) Coneysthorpe, Amotherby, Great Habton, Malton (lunch At Morrison’s). Leavening, Leppington, Scrayingham, Buttercrambe, Warthill. Approx 56 miles. May be shortened depending on weather. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31702650

18/12/2019 Ride 1: Ampleforth: Leader: Martyn Atkins.  Skelton – Huby – Easingwold – Husthwaite – White Horse Bank (happy xmas!) – Ampleforth (lunch in college cafe). Return via Gilling – Scackleton – Sheriff Hutton – Flaxton – Strensall. Approx 60 miles (and  bit of climbing).    https://www.plotaroute.com/map/979585  WW_Ampleforth_20191218.tcx

18/12/19 Ride 2A Thixendale Leader: Dave B. York, Stamford Bridge, Pocklington (Elevenses at Cafes), Millington, Huggate, Fridaythorpe (Lunch at Seaways), Thixendale, Kirby Underdale,Bugthorpe, Skirpenbeck, Buttercrambe, York. 54 miles, 2033ft climbing. Thixendale.gpx

04/12/2019 Ride 1 Staveley. Leader: Adrian Setter. Skelton, Moorlands, Shipton, Linton, Aldwark, Myton, Boroughbridge, Bishop Monkton, Staveley (arr. approx. 12.15. Lunch: Royal Oak), Farnham, Knaresborough, Cowthorpe, Long Marston, York (arr. approx. 15.30). 66 miles / 2000 ft. https://www.plotaroute.com/route/979221

04/12/19 Ride 2B Destination Changed.  Leader: Bryan.  York / Riverside to racecourse / Bishopthorpe / Acaster Malbis / Appleton Roebuck / Bolton Percy / Tadcaster (Elevenses: The Lemon Tree) Bramham / Collingham / Linton / Sicklinghall (Lunch: Masons) Kirby Overblow / Pannal / Spofforth / North Deigthton / Cowthorpe / Tockwith / Long Marston / Askhams / York. Distance 55 miles. WW_Tad_K.Overblow.gpx

27/11/19 Ride 1:  Fridaythorpe Leader: Eamon. Lunch: Seaways Cafe. Distance: 59 miles. Bikemap:https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/5454327/

27/11/19 Ride 2a destination and leader changed. Leader Judy W. Elevenses will be at Osgodby Garden Centre ( instead of Selby Morrisons) and lunch will be at Lotherton Hall (i.e we will not be going to Snaith ). Route is cycle path to Osgodby, then Selby, Biggin, Little Fenton, Church Fenton, Barkston Ash, Saxton, Lotherton, Tadcaster and back to York via whichever route we decide on the day. Total distance 50 miles approx

27/11/19 Ride 2b  Leader John L. Beningborough, Linton, Aldwark, Alne, Easingwold, Elevenses at FIKA, Easingwold (formerly The Sugar Mouse). Coxwold, Wass, Ampleforth. Lunch at the Abbey Tearoom. Gilling East, Snargate, Wrenby, Sheriff Hutton, Stensall, Haxby. 85Kms.

20/11/2019 Ride 1 Scagglethorpe Leader River Banks ( 0780 586 1696). Stockton on Forrest, Sand Hutton, Crambe, Kirkham, Eddlethorpe, North Grimston, Duggleby, Settrington, Scagglethorpe ( Approx 12.00. Ham& Cheese) Malton, Coneysthopre, Terrington, Sheriff Hutton, Flaxton, Strensall, New Earwick. Distance 64m, Climb 3400ft (Finish Approx 15.30 to 16.00) Scagglethorpe ( Ham n Cheese)

20/11/2019 Ride 2a, Leader Stephen G. Bishopthorpe Acaster Malbis Appleton Roebuck Bolton Percy Tadcaster Lemon Tree Brahman Collingham Linton Sicklinghall Kirkby Overblow Lunch Pannal Spofforth North Deighton Cowthorpe Tockwith Long Marston Angram Askham Richard Askham Bryan

20/11/2019 Ride 2b, Leader Phil M, York, Askham Bryan, Wighill, Thorp Arch, WETHERBY (Morrison’s), Kirk Deighton, Little Ribston, Knaresborough, Scriven, Farnham, STAVELEY (Royal Oak), Arkendale, Marton, Great Ouseburn, Linton on Ouse, Benningborough, York. Approx 55 miles.

13/11/2019 Ride 1 Snaith. Leader: Patrick Hollier. 60 miles. Bishopthorpe, Escrick, Skipwith, Osgodby, Selby, Carlton, Snaith (Lunch – Old Station House Cafe), Great Heck, Hensall, West Haddlesey, Thorpe Willoughby, Cawood, Naburn, York. WW_Snaith.gpx WW_Snaith.tcx

Ride 2a Easingwold / Ampleforth    Leader Geoff P Route Strensall, Sutton on the Forest, Easingwold (elevenses FIKA cafe) Thornton Hill Ampleforth (lunch at Abbey cafe) Gilling, Grimston, Skewsby, Sherrif Hutton, Flaxton, Strensall, York. Distance 55 miles.

06/11/2019  Ride 1. Leader: Martyn A. York – Rufforth – Cattal – Wetherby – Linton Bridge – Collingham – Scarcroft – Roundhay Park, Leeds (Lunch in Lakeside Cafe). Return via Shadwell – Bramham – Thorp Arch – Tadcaster – Appleton Roebuck – Bishopthorpe – York. Approx 62 miles. 061119_York-Roundhay.tcx 061119_Roundhay-York.tcx

6/11/19 Ride 2a Ride leader Nick F Leader’s mobile 07724082942. A short ride of about 94 km or 58 miles with about 1574 ft of ascent. Route synopsis: York-Rufforth-Tockwith-Wetherby Morrisons for a cafe stop-Kirk Deighton-Little Ribston-Calcutt-Knaresborough-Farnham-Occaney-Staveley Royal Oak for lunch. Return via Minskip-Boroughbridge- Lower Dunsford-Great Ouseburn and Benningborough. Estimated time: 6h 45 mins. Download the route here: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31387672

30/10/19 Ride 1.  Leader: Patrick S . Skelton – Huby – Crayke- Oulston- Husthwaite – High Kilburn – Byland Tea Rooms (LUNCH)  Ampleforth – Ampleforth College – Gilling – Coulton – Whenby – Sheriff Hutton – Flaxton- York.  Distance 110km. GPS: www.bikemap.net/en/r/5420778/ NB: Ride 1 has no elevenses stop whilst the clocks are on GMT.

30/10/19 Ride 2a. Leader: John Longbottom.  Haxby, Strensall, Farlington, Snargate, Coulton, Hovingham (elevenses at The Park).  Caulkley Bank, Nunnington, West Ness, Salton, Normanby, Marton, Pickering (lunch at various cafes).  Kirby Misperton, Amotherby, Coneysthorpe, Barton le Willows, Bossall, Sand Hutton.  Distance 113Km, Ascent 883Mtrs. GPS: Pickering 20191030

30/10/19 Ride 2B, Phil M.  York, Knapton, Rufforth, Tockwith, Little Ribston, KNARESBOROUGH (Black Mulberry and others), Scriven, Farnham, Burton Leonard, Bishop Monkton, Littlethorpe, RIPON (Spa Gardens), Sharow, Marton-le-Moor, Cundall, Helperby, Tollerton, Newton-on-Ouse, Overton, York. Approx 65 miles

23/10/19 Ride 1, AGM. Leader: Adrian Setter. Route: Haxby, Strensall, Sutton-on-the-Forest, Easingwold (Elevenses + AGM, Galtres Centre), Raskelf, BraffertonBoroughbridge (Lunch, Morrisons), Marton, Great Ouseburn, Thorpe Underwood, Whixley, Cattal, Wighill, Catterton, York. 60miles, 1730ft.  GPSwww.plotaroute.com/route/955039

16/10/19 Ride 1, Pickering Richard W (note change of leader) Haxby, Sheriff Hutton, Whenby, Snargate Hill, Coulton Moor, Hovingham (Elevenses), Caukleys Bank, West Ness, Great Edstone,Appleton le Moor, Cropton, Pickering (Lunch, choices of cafes), Marton, Great Barugh, Amotherby, Castle Howard ramps, Foston, Strensall, York. 124Km, 1000m -ish. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31301468

16/10/19 Ride 2a Phil M Askham Bryan, Askham Richard, Long Marston, Tockwith, Cowthorpe, Little Ribston, Knaresborough, Ripley, Ripon, Boroughbridge, Aldborough, Lower Dunsforth,  Upper Dunsforth, Linton on Ouse, Skelton. 65 Miles

9/10/2019 Ride 1  Helmsley.  (please note change of 11’s) Leader: River Banks. 71miles 3400ft Climb. Stockton on Forest, Crambe, Wellburn  (11’s@Castle Howard Arboretum) Coneysthorpe, Amotherby, Brawby, Salton, Harome, Helmsley (Lunch@Castlegate Tearooms Approx 1315 to 13.30) Sproxton, Ampleforth, Yearsley, Crayke,Huby, Tollerton, Overton, Skelton, York ( Approx 17.00) https://www.plotaroute.com/route/940067

9/10/2019  Ride 2a.  Pocklington/ Sledmere, Leader Geoff P Route Stockton on the Forest, Stamford Bridge, Pocklington (elevenses) , Nunburnholme, Warter, Huggate, Wetwang, Sledmere (Lunch at Sledmere House Cafe), Fimber, Burdale, Thixendale, Buttercrambe, York, Distance 66 miles

9/10/2019  Ride 2b. Allerthorpe / Malton.  Leader: Bryan.  70 Miles. Warthill / Upper Helmsley / Stamford Bridge / Thornton / Elevenses: Allerthorpe Lakes.  Bielby / Hayton / Burnby / Nunburnholme / Kilnwick Percy / Millington / Painsthorpe / Leavening / Birdsall / Malton.  Lunch: Morrisons.  Coneysthorpe / Castle Howard / Foston / Thornton le Clay / Flaxton / Strensall / Home WW_Allerthorpe_Malton.gpx

02/10/2019 Ride 1 Masham  Leader: Eamon. Boroughbridge (Elevenses at Morrisons), Masham (Lunch at Johnny Baghdad’s Cafe On The Square). Distance 78 miles. Bikemap route: https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/5352218/

02/10/2019 Ride 2a Byland Abbey. Leader John L. We will make our way to Easingwold via Beningborough, Aldwark and Alne. Elevenses is at the old Sugar Mouse – I can’t remember the new name. From Easingwold we go to the Byland Abbey Inn tearooms for lunch, via Raskelf, Helperby, Hutton Sessay and Coxwold. Please note that the Tearooms want us to order beforehand so I attach a copy of the menu (see email) and I will be taking orders at Easingwold. Our return journey will be through Ampleforth Abbey, Gilling East, Hovingham, Snargate and Farlington. Approx. 70 miles.

02/10/2019 Ride 2B Hovingham. Leader: Dave Bean (for Judy). 65 miles. York, Strensall, Sheriff Hutton, Hovingham (Elevenses at The Park), Barton le Street, Brawby, Great Barugh, Pickering (Lunch at Cafes), Kirby Misperton, Ryton, Malton (Tea if required), Huttons Ambo, Westow, Howsham, Bossall, Sand Hutton, York  HovPick_2-10-19.gpx

25/09/2019 Ride 1. Meet in the square for 9:30 as usual, ride out to Beningborough Hall for a coffee then return to Poppleton for Jannine’s funeral.

25/09/2019 Ride 2b ride to see the UCI Men’s Elite TT. leader Nick F. The ride will go to Knaresborough for Coffee at the Watermill Cafe, using a route via Overton, Newton On Ouse, Aldwark Bridge, Great Ouseburn, Boroughbridge, Burton Leonard, to Knaresborough for late 11’s. Then on to Harrogate to the Fan Zone which, I am told is the best place to see the cycle event. Please bring a good quality lock as bikes have to be parked in designated areas. Return via Wetherby to York. Download the route here: https://ridewithgps.com/trips/39941100  UCi_route_and_return._.gpx This route may be modified once I know numbers on Wednesday am.

18/09/2019 Ride 1 Hampsthwaite. Leader: Patrick Hollier. 76 miles. Askham Bryan, Cowthorpe, Knaresborough (Elevenses various cafes), Killinghall, Menwith Hill, Darley, Hampsthwaite (Lunch – Sophie’s Coffee Shop), Shaw Mills, Bishop Monkton, Arkendale, Great Ouseburn, Skelton. WW_Knares_Hampsthwaite.gpx  WW_Knares_Hampsthwaite.tcx

18/09/2019 Ride 2B Driffield. Leader: Dave Bean. York, Stamford Bridge, Pocklington, Burnby, Goodmanham (Elevenses at the Fiddle Drill Cafe), South Dalton, Hutton Cranswick, Driffield (Lunch at the Bell Mills Garden Centre Cafe), Sledmere, Fimber, Fridaythorpe(Afternoon Tea at Seaways), Thixendale, Bugthorpe, Buttercrambe, York. 84miles, 3100 feet of climbing. Driffield_Sept.gpx

11/09/2019 Ride 1 Sledmere. Leader: Adrian Setter.  Murton, Warthill, Stamford Bridge, Pocklington(elevenses: various cafes), Nunburnholme, Warter, Middleton-on-the-Wolds, North Dalton, Wetwand, Sledmere(lunch: Coach House Café), Thixendale, Buttercrambe, Bossall, Sand Hutton, Stockton-on-the-Forest. 73 miles / 4000 ft. https://www.plotaroute.com/route/924365

11/09/2019 Ride 2a: Wetherby and Otley.  York, Askham Bryan, Thorp Arch, Wetherby (Morrisons for elevenses), Sicklinghall, Kearby Cliff, Dunkeswick, Weeton, Castley, Otley for lunch (Bloomfield Square cafe suggested, or choose your own). Return via Bramhope, Eccup reservoir, Scarcroft, Bramham, Tadcaster (optional tea stop for those who wish), Appleton Roebuck, Bishopthorpe, York. Distance approx 74 miles.     https://www.plotaroute.com/route/924736  (Note change of ride leader:  Martyn Atkins will lead this ride) 110919_Wetherby-Otley.tcx

11/9/19 Ride 2b Cropton – (75 miles) NOTE Change of Coffee – Castle Howard Arboretum  – Holtby, Barton le W,  Castle Howard (18m), Amotherby, Grt Barugh, Risebro’, Aislaby, CROPTON New Inn (35m), moor road east to drop to Pickering, Pickering Beck lane, Kirby Misperton, Ryton, Malton (50m)(cafe stop?) , Jim’s cycle path to Low Hutton, Westow, Bossall, Wathill, York.

04/09/2019 Ride 1 Thirsk. Leader: Patrick Hollier. 71 miles. Overton, Aldwark, Helperby (Elevenses Helperby Stores & Deli), Hutton Sessay, Dalton, Thirsk (Lunch – various cafes), Felixkirk, Kilburn, Coxwold, Husthwaite, Easingwold, Stillington, Strensall. WW_Helperby_Thirsk.gpx WW_Helperby_Thirsk.tcx

04/09/2019 Ride 2b Ripley (note change of lunch stop – NOT Hampsthwaite), Leader: Phil M 123km, 890m climb.  Askham Richard, Tockwith, Cowthorpe, Little Ribston, Knaresborough (Elevenses at riverside cafes), Beryl Burton Way, Bilton, Killinghall, Menwith Hill,Kettlesing Bottom, Birstwith, Clint, Ripley (Lunch), Markington, Bishop Monkton, Roecliffe, Boroughbridge (tea option at Morrisons), Aldborough, The Dunsforths, Aldwark Bridge, Newton-on-Ouse, York.

28/8/2019 Ride 1 Ilkley. Leader: River Banks. 92miles 4500ft climb. Appleton Roebuck, Bilborough, Tadcaster, Thorpe Arch (11’s @ at The Café and Bistro), Bramham, Shadwell, Eccup, Bramhope, Menston, Ilkley (Lunch  at The Commute Café approx. 14.15), Askwith, Timble, Fewston, Knox, Knaresborough, Little Ribston, Cowthorpe, Long Marston, Askham Richard, Dringhouses (Approx 18.00). Ilkley – Commute Cafe

28/8/2019 Ride 2a Cropton. Note change of morning stop: Malton, NOT Terrington. Leader: Judy W.   York to Malton via Gally Gap and Menethorpe. Elevenses at Morrisons.  Eden Camp, Great Barugh, Aislaby, Cropton (lunch at New Inn). Appleton-le Moors, Marton, Great Barugh, Amotherby, optional tea at Castle Howard, home. 70 miles (ish).

28/8/2019 Ride 2b Skidby Mill. Leader: Andrew R.  84 miles. Stockton Lane, Stamford Bridge, Thornton, Melbourne, Everingham, Holme on Spalding Moor (elevenses Beechwood Services),  South Cliffe, Hotham, Riplingham, Skidby, (lunch at Skidby Mill, Sails Café), Bishop & Cherry Burton, Goodmanham, Londesborough, Burnaby, Pocklington (tea/ice-cream option), Stamford Bridge, York.

21/08/2019 Ride 1 Driffield  Leader: Eamon. Goodmanham (Elevenses at The Fiddle Drill), Driffield (Lunch at Bell Mills Garden Centre Café). Distance 80 miles.

21/08/2019 Ride 2a Ripley (note change of lunch stop – NOT Hampsthwaite), Leader: John L. 123km, 890m climb.  Askham Richard, Tockwith, Cowthorpe, Little Ribston, Knaresborough (Elevenses at riverside cafes), Beryl Burton Way, Bilton, Killinghall, Menwith Hill, Birstwith, Clint, Ripley (Lunch), Markington, Bishop Monkton, Roecliffe, Boroughbridge (tea option at Morrisons), Aldborough, The Dunsforths, Aldwark Bridge, Newton-on-Ouse, York. WW Ripley 20190821

21/08/2019 Ride 2b THIRSK, Leader: Dave B, 65 miles, 1600ft of climbing.
York, Overton, Beningbrough Hall, Aldwalk, Helperby (Elevenses at Village Store), Dalton, Thirsk (Lunch at Thirsk Garden Centre), Bagby, Kilburn, Coxwold, Easingwold (Tea at cafes), Stillington, Sutton on Forest, Strensall, Haxby, York. Ride2BAugThirsk

14/08/2019 RIDE 1 ROSEDALE ABBEY. 87 miles. LEADER; Patrick S. ROUTE; Strensall,Farlington,Whenby, ELEVENSES (Terrington Village Store), Slingsby,Butterwick, Great Edstone. Appleton Le Moors,LUNCH Rosedale (Graze on the Green), Lastingham, Hutton le hole, Fadmoor, East Ness,Castle Howard, Thorton Le Clay, York. https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/5204551/

14/8/2019 Ride 2a Skidby Mill, Richard W. 84 miles. Stockton Lane, Stamford Bridge, Thornton, Melbourne, Everingham, HoSM (elevenses Beechwood Services),  South Cliffe, Hotham, Riplingham, Skidby, (lunch at Skidby Mill, Sails Cafe). Bishop & Cherry Burton, Goodmanham, Londesborough, Burnaby, Pocklinton (tea/ice-cream option), Stamford Bridge, York. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30798006

14/8/2019 Ride 2b to Otley, Leader Nick F, Leaving York by usual route to Askham Richard then to Wighill, Wetherby ( Morrisons for elevenses), Sicklinghall, Wetherby, Dunkeswick, Weeton, Castley, Leathley, Otley, ( Choose your own cafe) return using West Yorkshire Cycle Route through Bramhope, Scarcroft, Bramham, Tadcaster for afternoon tea at Costa and then York. Distance 74 miles approx. Significant climb at Otley Chevin. View route and download here; https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30709901

7/8/2019 Ride 1 to Burton Agnes via Pocklington cafes, As supplied by Leader Dave Cook, WW burton agnes  WW_burton_agnes.gpx  WW_burton_agnes.tcx

7/8/2019 Ride 2b, Malton / Levisham. Andrew R. Note change of lunch venue. Warthill, Bossall, Howsham, Westow, Menethorpe, Malton (Morrison’s for coffee). Ryton, Kirby Misperton, (edge of Thornton le Dale), Cedarbarn Farm Shop (lunch). Pickering, Marton, Amotherby Castle Howard (optional tea stop), Foston, Strensall (or Barton le Willows, Sand Hutton) York.

31/07/2019 Ride 1 to Malton and Weaverthorpe 79 miles/4,100 ft. Leader: Adrian Setter. Route: Bossall, Howsham, Malton (elevenses at Morrisons 11.15 approx.), North Grimston, Wharram le Street, Duggleby, Weaverthorpe (lunch at Rarey Halt café, 13.30 approx.), Sledmere, Thixendale, Meltonby, Stamford Bridge, Warthill, York. GPS: WW Weaverthorpe 20190731

31/7/2019: Ride 2a to Brimham, Phil M. Ride: Askham Bryan, Tockwith, Cowthorpe, Little Ribston, Knaresborough (elevenses in various riverside cafes), Ripley, Clint, Hampsthwaite, Birstwith, then via (free) toll bridge to Brimham Rocks (there’s a shed selling hot drinks and light snacks – sausage rolls, cakes etc – but for anything more substantial bring your own packed lunch), Fountains Abbey, Ripon (afternoon stop), Bishop Monkton, Roecliffe, Boroughbridge, The Dunsforths, Aldwark Bridge, Beningbrough, York.  78 miles.

24/7/2019 – Ride 1 Boroughbridge/ Leyburn (101.7m 4500ft) Leader : River Banks 0780 586 1696 Route: York, Newton on Ouse, Great Ouseburn, Boroughbridge, (11’s @ Morrisons at Approx 11.00am) Bishop Monkton, Ripon, Grewelthorpe, East Witton, Leyburn (Lunch @ Kims Bistro – 14.30 Approx.)Thornton Steward, Thornton Watlass, Snape, Kirklington, Skipton on Swale, Topcliffe, Helperby, Tollerton, Huby, Wigginton, York (19.30 – 20.00 Approx) Bring lights – just in case. Route  Part 1 – York to Leyburn   Part 2 – Leyburn to York

24/7/19  Ride 2a Malton / Thornton-Le-Dale Leader Geoff P Route has been revised and shortened as 88 tough miles to Levisham and back would be difficult in very hot weather. Route Warthill, Bossall, Howsham, Westow, Menethorpe Malton (Morrisons for elevenses) Ryton, Kirby Misperton, Thornton-le-Dale ( Balderstones for lunch) Pickering, Marton, Amotherby, Castle Howard (possible afternoon stop), Foston, Strensall, Haxby, Yorkl  74 miles

24.07.19 Ride 2b. Burton Agnes Richard W. Route: Stamford Bridge, Pocklinton, (elevenses, depart by 11.30), Millington, Huggate, Tibthorpe, Kirkburn, Southburn, Hutton, Skerne,  Harpham, Burton Agnes. Return via Kilham, Langtoft, West Lutton, North Grimston, Burythorpe, Buttercrambe. NB Howsham Route closed all week. 88 miles

17/07/19 – Ride 1 Brimham Rocks, Martyn A. Route: Askham Bryan, Thorp Arch, Cowthorpe, Knaresborough (elevenses in various riverside cafes), Ripley, Clint, Hampsthwaite, Birstwith, then via (free) toll bridge to Brimham Rocks (there’s a shed selling hot drinks and light snacks – sausage rolls, cakes etc – but for anything more substantial bring your own packed lunch), Fountains Abbey, Ripon, Sharow, Marton-le-Moor, Cundal, Helperby, Aldwark, Beningbrough, York.  82.2 miles. https://www.plotaroute.com/route/866187   1707_Brimham.tcx

17/07/19 – Ride 2a    Stephen G. Church at Church at Cockayne has tea coffee and water to re fill drink bottles for a donation to the Church. New Earswick Haxby Strensall Flaxton Thornton le Clay Foston Arboretum Slingsby East Ness West Ness Welburn Fadmoor Cockayne Helmsley Harome Nunnington Hovingham Sheriff Hutton Strensall
80 miles.

10/07/19 – Ride 1 – Malton/Levisham: Leader Patrick Hollier. Route: Warthill, Bossall, Howsham, Menethorpe, Elevenses – Morrrisons Malton, Old Malton, Ryton, Kirby Misperton, Thornton le Dale, Lunch – Fox & Rabbit Inn Lockton, Levisham, Levisham Station, Newtondale Forest Drive ( NB this is a gravel trail through the forest), Stape, Cawthorne, Wrelton, Aislaby, Great Barugh, Amotherby, Coneysthorpe, Foston, Flaxton, Strensall, York. WW_Levisham.tcx  WW_Levisham.gpx

10/07/19 – Ride 2a. Burton Agnes ride to Burton Agnes hall, Nick F. York, Heworth and thence Stockton Lane to Warthill, Upper Helmsley and Stamford Bridge. On to Pocklington via the usual route, elevenses at any suitable cafe, no particular cafe booked.  Must depart by 11:30. Then Kilnwick Percy, Millington, Huggate, Tibthorpe, Kirkburn, Hutton Cranswick, Skerne, Wansford, and Lowthorpe. Arrive Burton Agnes Hall at 3 pm. 10 places booked. Departing Burton Agnes via Woldgate, Kilham, Langtoft, Sledmere, Fridaythorpe Seaways Cafe by 5:30pm. ( open until 8 pm) 15 places booked.  Thence Leavening, Howsham, Bossall, Sand Hutton, Upper Helmsley, and return via Stockton Lane to Exhibition Square by 8 pm. I may decide to go to Pocklington via Dunfsord on Sustrans route 66 if the weather continues dry. In that case, there may be some unsurfaced tracks. !!!corrected link!!! https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30495518  Burton_Agnes_(copy).tcx

10/07/19 Ride 2B Boroughbridge / Masham Leader: Dave Bean. Route: York, Beningbrough, Linton on Ouse, Marton, Boroughbridge (Elevenses at Morrisons), Skelton on Ure, Sharow, Wath, Thornborough, Masham (Lunch at Bordar Tea Room), Grewelthorpe, Winksley, Markington, Clint, Ripley (Ice Cream), Knaresborough, York. Approx 88 miles and 3000 feet of ascent. Masham19.gpx

3/7/19 Ride 1. as suplied by leader Dave C. https://ridewithgps.com/trips/36639836 WW_Cockayne_acw.gpx WW_Cockayne_acw.tcx

3/7/19 Ride 2a Ken B. Route: Warthill, SandHutton, Bossall, Howsham, Westow, Menethorpe, Malton, Settrington, West Lutton, Weaverthorpe. Sledmere, Wetwang, Huggate, Millington, Pocklington. Stamford Bridge.

26/6/19 – Ride 1. Easingwold/Hutton Le Hole Leader : River Banks (aka Murray 0780 586 1696) Route: York, Benningborough, Newton on Ouse, Aldwark, Alne,(Easingwold – 11’s at various Cafes Approx 11.00 @ 21m) Coxwold, Byland, Oswaldkirk, Nunnington, Wellburn, Gillamoor, Lowna,(Hutton Le Hole – Lunch Barn CafeApprox 14.00 @ 46m) Keldholme, Normanby, Great Baraugh, Amotherby, Coneysthorpe, Terrington, Farlington, Haxby, York (Approx 18.30) Mileage 84m Approx 4000ft climb. Route – Hutton Le Hole

26/6/19 – Ride 2b Humber Bridge, John L The route takes us through Gate Helmsley, Stamford Bridge, Thornton, Everingham and the Beechwood Cafe for Elevenses. Then onto North Cave, Ellerker, Elloughton and North Ferriby before crossing the bridge for lunch at The Old Tile Works. We return to York via Swanland, Riplingham, North and South Newbald, Hotham, Market Weighton (for drinks etc) Londesborough, Pocklington and York. This is one of our longer rides so please come with plenty of fluid and backup food. Humber Bridge.gpx

York Rally Ride, Saturday 22nd June. Start 9.10 am on the Knavesmire. Leader Andrew R. Route: Millennium Bridge, University, Osbaldwick, Murton, Warthill, Upper Helmsley, Buttercrambe, Skirpenbeck, Bugthorpe, Youlthorpe, Gowthorpe, Full Sutton, Stamford Bridge (coffee stop at either No 10 or Village Store Tearoom), NCN Route 66, Dunnington, Murton, Osbaldwick, cyclepath to James St, Millennium Bridge, Knavesmire. Return to the Rally for lunch. 37.3 miles.

19/06/2019 Ride 1 Allerthorpe Lake/Fridaythorpe  Leader: Eamon. Elevenses: Allerthorpe Lakeland Park. Lunch: Seaways Cafe. Distance 67 miles. Bikemap route: https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/5021755/

19/6/2019 Rides 2A & 2B Combined. Warthill, Stamford Bridge, Pocklington (Elevenses at Pocklington Cafes NOT KP Golf Club), Millington, Huggate, Lunch at Seaways Fridaythorpe, Burdale, Thixendale, Leavening, Howsham, Bossall, Sand Hutton, Stockton on the Forest. Those of faint heart tempted take a car to Seaways  should aim to arrive about 1.00.

12/06/2019 Ride 1: Wetherby / Fewston  Leader: Adrian Setter. Elevenses at Morrisons, Wetherby. Lunch at Sun Inn, near Fewston (https://www.thesun-inn.com/).  Route: Bishopthorpe, Acaster Selby, Tadcaster,Wetherby, Sicklinghall, Kirkby Overblow, Huby, Sun Inn, Hampsthwaite, Ripley, Knaresborough, Cowthorpe, Long Marston, Askham Richard, York. Distance 78 miles/125 km, ascent 4000 ft/1220 m. GPX: WW Wetherby-Fewston 20190612

12/06/2019 Ride 2a to the Humber Bridge: Stamford Bridge, Thornton, Everingham, Holme on Spalding Moor (coffee at Beechwood Cafe) N&S Cliffe, N Cave, Brantingham, Elloughton, Welton, N Ferriby (NB the cycle path on the side of the Humber is closed), Humber Bridge (lunch at the Old Tile Works) Hessle, edge of Swanland, Riplingham, S&N Newbald, Sancton, Market Weighton (Tea stop at Rossini & Damsel), Londesborough, Nunburnholme (NB Burnby Lane is closed), Pocklington, Stamford Bridge. Approx 93 miles. https://www.plotaroute.com/route/846043

12/06/2019 Ride 2b Castle Howard Arboretum (elevenses) and Hutton le Hole (lunch). Judy W, Same route as that taken ride 2a by Steve G on 29th May.  Approx 70 miles.

5/6/2019 RIDE 1 Pately Bridge. LEADER ; Patrick S. ROUTE; Long Marston, Knaresborough (elevenses at riverside cafes) , Ripley, Hampsthwaite, Dacre. Hartswith Bank, Glasshouses ,Pately Bridge ( LUNCH at Rachel’s Cafe), Wath, Fellbeck, Markington, Boroughbridge, Home. DIST;136km. https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/4980259/

5/6/19 Ride 2a   Welburn / Thornton-le-Dale. Leader Geoff P  Route – Warthill – Sand Hutton – Crambe – Welburn (Leaf and Loaf for Elevenses) Amotherby – Kirby Misperton Thornton le Dale (Baldersons for Lunch) West Heslerton – West Lutton – North Grimston – Leavening – Leppington – Buttercrambe – York    –   78 miles

29/5/19 – Ride 1. Holme on Spalding Moor/ Humber Bridge : Leader Murray Banks 0780 586 1696. Route : York, Stamford Bridge, Thornton, Everingham, HoSM (Beechwood Cafe Aprrox 26m @11.20am) North Cliffe, Ellerker, Elloughton, Swanland, Hessle, Humber Bridge ( Lunch at  Ropewalk Cafe @ Approx 13.45-14.00) return H.B , Welton, Riplingham, Walkington, Cherry Burton, Etton, Kiplingcoates, Londesborough, Burnby, Pocklington, Stamford Bridge, York @ Approx 19.20. Mileage 102m Note is possible to stop at SB on way home for Coffee and cake at No10 as they will be open.

Humber Bridge Part1  Humber Bridge Part 2

29/05/19 Ride 2a  Hutton Le Hole. Leader Stephen G New Earswick Haxby Towthorpe Strensall Flaxton Thornton le Clay Foston Arboretum Slingsby West Ness Great Edstone Hutton-le-Hole The Barn Tearoms Gillamoor Fadmoor Welburn Wombleton  Nunnington Hovingham Sherriff Hutton Strensall 70 Miles

29/05/19 Ride 2b Details of the Fewston Ride: A hilly ride with approximately 300ft. of ascent. Approximately 78 miles Leader: Nick Folkard 07724082942. Route:  York ➙Askham Richard ➙Long Marston ➙Tockwith ➙Wetherby ( elevenses at Morrison’s) ➙Sicklinghall ➙Netherby ➙Kearby ➙Weeton➙Stainburn ➙Braythorn➙Bland Hill➙Fewston ( lunch at the Sun Inn)➙Menwith Hill➙Birstwith➙Clint➙Ripley( Afternoon Tea)➙Nidderdale greenway➙ Knaresborough➙York IF YOU ARE INTENDING TO BUY A COOKED LUNCH AT THE SUN INN PLEASE CHECK OUT THE MENU HERE: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/de0922_6b2e0a9074fc486eab7ffa0605401bc5.pdf I will have to phone your order through at 12:00pm as service from the kitchen ends at 1400. Electronic route https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29639761

22/05/19 – Ride 1 – Boroughbridge/Bedale : Leader Patrick Hollier. Route: NW to Boroughbridge via Aldwark toll bridge and Lower Dunsforth. Elevenses at Morrisons Boroughbridge. Continue NW through Skelton on Ure, Sharrow, Kirklington, Carthorpe, Snape to Bedale. Lunch at The North End Café  Bedale http://www.thenorthend.co.uk/ From Bedale take NCN route 71 north to Great Langton where the river Swale is crossed then SE through Northallerton to Kirby Knowle where the ride joins NCN route 65 which is followed to Newburgh Priory. Passing High Leys Farm take track to Oulston then Crake, Huby, Skelton. Distance 95 miles. WW_BB_Bedale.fit  WW_BB_Bedale.gpx

15/05/2019 Ride 1: Knaresborough / Fountains Abbey  Leader: Adrian Setter. Elevenses at Knaresborough cafes, Lunch at Fountains Abbey visitor centre.  Route: Acomb, Rufforth, Tockwith, Little Ribston, Knaresborough, Bilton, Ripley, Burnt Yates, High Grantley, Fountains Abbey, Ripon, Bishop Monkton, Boroughbridge, Marton, Beningbrough, York. Distance 76 miles/122 km, ascent 3600 ft/1100 m. GPX: WW Kbro-Fountains 20190515.gpx

15/05/2019 Ride 2A: Castle Howard Arboretum / Scagglethorpe Leader: Phil Marsham, Haxby, Strensall, Flaxton, Thornton le Clay, Castle Howard Arboretum (Elevenses), Coneysthorpe, Amotherby, Great Barugh, Kirby Misperton, Low Marishes, Yedingham, Rillington, Ham & Cheese Scagglethorpe (Lunch),Malton, Huttons Ambo, Westow, Bossall, Sand Hutton, Warthill, Stockton Lane. Total Distance 72 miles, 2000ft Ascent, Highest Altitude 357ft Scaggle3.gpx

15/05/2019 Ride 2b: Osgodby and Blacktoft Leader John L, will be the same route as that for Ride 2a on the 1st May. Will all riders please note that you will need to bring something to eat for lunch at the Blacktoft School building.

08/05/2019 Ride 1: Pocklington / Beverley  Leader: Eamon. Elevenses at Pocklington cafes, Lunch at Cafe Velo. Distance 74 miles, Bikemap route: https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/4909719/

08/05/2019 Ride 2a. Rievaulx Abbey. Leader Ken B, Overton, Tollerton, Alne, Easingwold (morning coffee, afternoon tea,Long St) Hustwaite, Coxwold, Byland abbey, white horse, Scawton, Rievaulx. Helmsley Harome, Slingsby, Castle Howard. (poss courtyard cafe, Barton on the Hill, Bossall, Sand Hutton.

8/5/19 -Ride 2b, Boroughbridge/ Thorp Perrow.  Leader Geoff P Route – Overton- Linton-on-Ouse- Boroughbridge ( Elevenses at Morrisons) Skelton- Wath- West Tanfield Thorp Perrow Arboretum (Lunch) Snape-Kirklington- Melmerby- Rainton- Helperby (afternoon tea) Tollerton- York     80 Miles

1/5/2019 – Ride 1 – Castle Howard/ Scagglethorpe ( Ham and Cheese) : Leader M.Banks (0780 586 1696) 73m 4100ft Route: York, Strensall, Farlington, Sheriff Hutton, Terrington Bank, Castle Howard Arboretum (11’s – Approx 11.20) Welburn, Westow, Leavening, Birdsall, Duggleby, Settrington, Langton, Howsham, Warthill, Murton, York (Approx 17.10) York – Scagglethorpe  Scagglethorpe to York

01/05/2019 – Ride 2a Blacktoft ride. Leader: Judy W. Cycle path to Osgodby (elevenses at Garden Centre). Then South Duffield, Hemingborough and barrage cycleway to Howden.  Quiet lanes to Blacktoft (packed lunch in village hall). Back via Gilberdyke, Foggathorpe, Allerthorpe (tea at lakeside cafe), Pockington and home. 80 miles. (ps – don’t forget to take a packed lunch as tea and coffee only available at Blacktoft village hall)

01/05/2019 – Ride 2b KARESBOROUGH/FOUNTAINS ABBEY, Leader; Brian S. The road between Askham Richard and Hutton Wandesley is closed completely for 8 weeks, see route for 17/04/2019 – Ride 2a below.

24/04/2019 – Ride 1 to Easingwold and Rievaulx. Leader: Adrian Setter. Route: Haxby, Farlington, Easingwold (elevenses – choice of cafés), Husthwaite, White Horse Bank, Old Byland, Rievaulx (lunch – Abbey Café or pack-up), Helmsley, Nunnington, Sherriff Hutton, Strensall. Distance 69miles / 111km, Climb 4000ft / 1200m. GPS: WW Easingwold-Rievaulx 20190424.gpx

24/04/2019 – Ride 2a to Thorpe Perrow. Leader Nick F. Ride description: A route of around 80 miles:. York-Overton-Shipton by Benningborough-Boroughbridge ( Elevenses at Morrisons)-Skelton-Sharow-Wath-West Tanfield-Thorpe Perrow arboretum(lunch)-Snape- Ainderby Quernhowe-Asenby-Topcliffe-Helperby(afternoon tea)-Tollerton and return to York. Some moderate hills. Wheelers_route_to_Thorpe_Perrow.gpx  Wheelers_route_to_Thorpe_Perrow.tcx

24/04/2019 – Ride 2b to Beverly. Steve G. York Holtby Warthill Stamford Bridge Pocklington Burnby Londesborough Goodmanham Etton Cherry Burton Beverley Cafe Velo Cherry Burton Etton South Dalton Holme on the Wolds Middleton on the Wolds Nunburnholme Burnby Pocklington High Catton Stamford Bridge Gate Helmsley Warthill Holtby 75 miles

17/04/2019 – Ride 1 BLACKTOFT. LEADER; Patrick S. ROUTE; Tadcaster,Cawood, OSGODBY (elevenses), Brind, then lovely long straight roads! via Gilberdyke to BLACKTOFT (LUNCH at village Hall…take pack up), Howden, Bubwith, Skipwith,Home. ( Distance 134km ) https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/4860417/

17/04/2019 – Ride 2a KARESBOROUGH/FOUNTAINS ABBEY, Leader; Phil M. The road between Askham Richard and Hutton Wandesley is closed completely for 8 weeks so the route out is: Knapton, Rufforth, Long Marston, Tockwith, Cowthorpe, Little Ribston, KNARESBOROUGH (Riverside Cafe or Black Mulberry), Beryl Burton Way, Ripley, Scarth Bank, Raventofts Hall, Sawley Hall, FOUNTAINS ABBEY. Return via Ripon, Sharrow, Marton-le-Moor, Norton-le-Clay, Cundall, Helperby, Flawith, Tollerton, Newton-on-Ouse, Beningbrough Hall (possible tea stop), Overton, YORK

17/4/2019 – Ride 2B, Castle Howard Arboretum / Scagglethorpe, Leader: Dave Bean. Haxby, Strensall, Flaxton, Thornton le Clay, Castle Howard Arboretum (Elevenses), Coneysthorpe, Amotherby, Great Barugh, Kirby Misperton, Low Marishes, Yedingham, Rillington, Ham & Cheese Scagglethorpe (Lunch), Malton, Huttons Ambo, Westow, Bossall, Sand Hutton, Warthill, Stockton Lane. Total Distance 70 miles, 2000ft Ascent, Highest Altitude 357ft.  Scaggle3.gpx

10/4/2019 – Ride 1, Tadcaster/Allerton, David Williamson, Bishopthorpe, Appleton Roebuck, Bolton Percy, TADCASTER (COSTA cafe), towards Braham, Aberford, Micklefield, Ledsham, Ledston, ALLERTON BYWATER (The Boat Inn), Fairburn, Hillam, Birkin, West Haddlesey, Temple Hirst, Selby canal path, Selby, Cawood, Stillingfleet, Naburn. Approx 70 miles. York to Tadcaster.gpx  Tadcaster to Allerton.gpx Allerton to York.gpx

3/4/2019 Ride 1, Helperby/Hovingham, Leader: Adrian Setter. Route: Overton, Beningbrough Park, Aldwark, Myton-on-Swale, Helperby (elevenses), Hutton Sessay, Husthwaite, Oulston, Crayke, Brandsby, Hovingham (lunch), Terrington, Foston, Flaxton, Strensall, Haxby. 69 miles. GPS: WW Helperby-Hovingham 20190403.gpx

3/4/2019 – Ride 2a, Easingwold/Castle Howard, Leader: John L. The route will follow the route Group 1 took on the 20th March. There will be some variation to suit elevenses at The Sugar Mouse, Easingwold and lunch at the Arboretum, Castle Howard. We will also have an option to shorten the route if we decide on the day.

3/4/2019 – Ride 2b, Pocklington/Bainton, Leader: Andrew R, PROBABLE route Warthill, Stamford Bridge, Pocklington (coffee stop) Burnby, Londesborough, edge of Market Weighton, Kiplingcotes, South Dalton, minor road east of and parallel to B1248, Bainton (lunch at Wolds Village) North Dalton, Huggate, Millington, Bishop Wilton, Youlthorpe, Gowthorpe, Full Sutton, Stamford Bridge. 73 miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29602817

27/3/2019 – Ride 1,  Westow Leader: Eamon. Lunch: The Blacksmiths Arms. Distance: 62 miles (Lunch 43 miles.) Bikemap route: https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/4817578/

27/3/19 – Ride 2a,  Easingwold/Helmsley. Leader Geoff P Route: Overton, Newton-on-Ouse, Easingwold (Sugar Mouse Cafe), Yearsley, Ampleforth College, Helmsley ( Castlegate Tea Rooms for Lunch ), Welburn, Salton, Barton le Street, Amotherby, Castle Howard, Flaxton, Strensall, Haxby, York. Distance 74 miles

27/3/19 – Ride 2bAskham Bryan Askam Richard Healaugh Tadcaster Costa Coffee Bramham Aberford Barwick in Elmet Garforth Allerton Bywater Boat Pub Fairburn Burton Salmon Hillam Gateforth Brayton Selby York 60 miles

20/3/2019 – Ride 1, CASTLE HOWARD. LEADER; Patrick S. ROUTE; Skelton, Huby, Easingwold, Coxwold, Ampleforth, Oswaldkirk, East Ness, LUNCH; Castle Howard Arboretum Cafe.... Ganthorpe, Terrington, Scackleton, Yearsley, Easingwold(again),Alne, Tollerton ,Overton, Home. bike map

20/3/2019 – Ride 2a, Ken B, Bainton, Route:  Merton Dunnington Holtby Gate Helmsley Stamford Bridge, Pocklington cafes, Burnby Kiplingcotes SDalton Lockington Kilnwick Wolds village tea room Bainton NDalton Huggate Millington Bishop Wilton Youlthorpe Skirpenbeck Buttercramb UHelmsley Stockton-on-F, May amend section 2 if weather less good.

20/3/2019 – Ride 2b, Bryan S, Route: York / Overton / Beningborough / Newton & Linton on Ouse / Aldwark / Flawith / Helperby for elevenses at the Village Store. Helperby / Husthwaite / Coxwold / Gated road / Ampleforht / Ampleforth College via Back Lane / Thruogh the grounds / Gilling / Cawton / Stonegrave / Hovingham (Lunch at the Park Café. Hovingham / Coulton / Snargate Hill / Stearsby / Whenby / Sheriff Hutton / Strensall / Haxby / York Distance: 65 Miles.  WW_Helperby_and_Hovingham.gpx   WW_Helperby_and_Hovingham.tcx

13/3/2019 – Ride 1, Dave W, Helmsly, Approx 60 miles with 2,900 ft of ascent. York, Haxby, Strensall, Huby, Crayke, Brandsby, Ampleforth, Helmsley. Helmsley, Harome, Nunnington. Hovingham, Terrington, Barton Hill, Bossall, Warthill, York  York to Helmsley.gpx  Helmsley to York.gpx

13/3/2019 – Ride 2a, Tadcaster/Allerton, Phil M, Bishopthorpe, Appleton Roebuck, Bolton Percy, TADCASTER (Lemon Tree cafe), towards Braham, Aberford, Micklefield, Ledsham, Ledston, ALLERTON BYWATER (The Boat pub), Fairburn, Brotherton, Birkin, West Haddlesey, Temple Hirst, Burn, Selby canal path, Selby, Cawood, Stillingfleet, Naburn. Approx 70 miles, but return route could be shortened via Hillam, Gateforth and Thorpe Willoughby.

6/3/2019 – Ride 1 to Bainton ( Wolds Village for Lunch) –  Leader Murray Banks 07805861696 Route :- Stockton on Forest, Buttercrambe, Bugthorpe, Kirby Underdale, Huggate, North Dalton, Bainton ( Wolds Village Approx 12.00 for lunch) Lund, Kilnwick, Middleton on Wolds, Burnby, Hayton, Melbourne, Elvington, Wheldrake, Escrick, Naburn, York   (73m 2800ft climb Approx 16.00 – 16.30 back in York) Bainton Wolds Village

27/02/2019 RIDE 1 TO KIRBYMOORSIDE. LEADER; Patrick Seagrave. ROUTE Haxby, Farlington, Skewsby, Coulton, Stonegrave, Nunnington, KIRBYMOORSIDE (Lunch at Town centre cafes) Great Edstone,Brawby, Amotherby, Coneysthorpe, Harton,Warthill (distance 115km ) https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/4778509/

27/02/2019 RIDE 2A to BIRKIN FISHERIES Leader: Dave Bean, Route: Acomb, Askham Bryan, Wighill, Thorp Arch (Elevenses), Bramham, Aberford, Micklefield, South Milford, Hillam, Birkin (Lunch), Gateforth, Selby, Riccall then Cycle Track back to York.

20/2/19 Ride 1:  Howden Leader: Eamon. Lunch: The Cheese Shop. Distance: 61 miles. Bikemap route: https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/4773866/  (some off road)

20/02/19 Ride 2A. As 2B 13/02 below Leader: Phil. No GPX,

13/02/19 Ride 1 to Birkin Fisheries.  Leader: Murray Banks (0780 586 1696).
Route: York, Tadcaster, Towton, Aberford, Barwick in Elmet, Garforth, Allerton Bywater, Hillam and Birkin for lunch. (12.30 36m) Gateforth, Brayton, Selby, Osgodby, Skipwith, Escrick, York. (distance 65miles). GPS: WW_Birkin_20190212, Plotaroute link

13/02/19 Ride 2A  Cawood Howden leader John. Bishopthorpe, Appleton Roebuck, Tadcaster, Ulleskelf, Cawood for elevenses at Grangeside Nurseries. The Lordships to Selby, Cliffe, Hemingborough, Howden for lunch at The Cheese Shop. Blind, Wressle, Bubwith, North Duffield, Escrick, Naburn, York. COURSE_22492191 (1).gpx

13/02/19 Ride 2B to Castle Howard and Kirkbymoorside.  Leader: Bryan.  Route: Haxby, Strensall, Flaxton, Thornton Le Clay, Foston, Castle Howard (Elevenses at The Arboretum) Slingsby, South Holme, East Ness, West Ness, Welburn,  Kirkbymoorside (Lunch at Town Centre Cafes).  Kirkby Mills, Little Edstone, Normanby, Great Barugh, Little Habton, Amotherby, Malton, Huttons Ambo, Cross Suspension footbridge, Westow, Galley Gap, Howsham Bridge, Bossall, Sand Hutton, Upper Helmesley, Warthill, York (Distance: 65 Miles, no GPS)

06/02/2019 Ride 1 to Thirsk Garden Centre.  Leader: Murray Walsh-Banks (0780 586 1696). Route: York, Haxby, Farlington, Brandsby, Coxwold Bagby, Sowerby, ( Lunch Thirsk Garden Centre approx 12.15) Dalton, Asenby, Brafferton, Tollerton, Shipton by Beningbrough, York. 65miles, 2474ft climb. GPS: Plotaroute; WW_To_Sowerby_6_Feb_2019

06/02/2019 Ride 2a to Welburn and Ampleforth. Leader:  Steve Green. Route:  Haxby, Strensall, Flaxton, Thornton Le Clay, Foston, Welburn (Elevenses – Leaf & Loaf), Ganthorpe, Terrington, Gilling,  Ampleforth (Lunch – Abbey Tea Room), Newburgh Priory, Oulston, Crayke, Huby, Skelton. 55 miles

06/02/2019 Ride 2b to Wetherby and Ripley Castle. Leader: Nick Folkard (07724082942) Route: Askham Bryan, Askham Richard, Tockwith, Cowthorpe, WETHERBY (Elevenses: Morrison’s), Kirk Deighton, Little Ribston, Knaresborough, Beryl Burton Way, RIPLEY (Lunch: Castle Cafe), Nidd, Scotton, Farnham, Ferrensby, Arkendale, Great Ouseburn, Linton on Ouse, Newton on Ouse, Overton, YORK. Distance approx 58 miles.  NOTE: In the event of ice, the route will avoid the BB Way and go to Boroughbridge with lunch at Morrison’s or other cafes.  GPS: WW_to_Ripley_6_Feb_2019

23/01/2019 Ride 1 to Ampleforth.  Leader: Colin Langley (07776 187850)
Route: Haxby, Strensall, Foston, Castle Howard, Slingsby, East Ness, Nunnington, Ampleforth (Lunch). Coxwold, Husthwaite, Helperby, Aldwark, Beningborough, Overton. 64 miles.  GPS: ww_ampleforth

23/01/2019 Ride 2a to Wetherby and Ripley Castle.  Leader: Phil Marsham.  Route: Askham Bryan, Healaugh, Wighill, Thorp Arch, WETHERBY (Elevenses: Morrison’s), Kirk Deighton, Little Ribston, Knaresborough, Beryl Burton Way, RIPLEY (Lunch: Castle Cafe), Nidd, Scotton, Farnham, Ferrensby, Arkendale, Great Ouseburn, Linton on Ouse, Newton on Ouse, Overton, YORK. Distance approx 58 miles

23/01/2019 Ride 2b to Helperby and Thirsk. Leader: Judy Webb. Route: York cycle path, Overton, Shipton, Beningborough, Tollerton, Helperby (elevenses), Sessay, Sowerby, Thirsk Garden Centre (lunch), Carlton Husthwaite, Husthwaite, Easingwold, Huby, Bohemia, home. Approx 62 miles. Please note change of elevenses from Boroughbridge to Helperby as original ride makes mileage too long for this time of year. Note also that Robin is making same elevenses change for ride 2a, 30th January.

16/1/2019 Ride 1 to Lotherton Hall. Leader: Adrian Setter. GPS: ww_lotherton 61 miles

16/1/2019 Ride 2b to Hovingham and Burythorpe. Leader: Geoff Powner. Route: Haxby, Strensall, Sheriff Hutton, Skewsby, Hovingham (Elevenses at Park Cafe), Slingsby, Welburn, Kirkham, Westow, Burythorpe (Lunch at The Bay Horse), Leavening, Leppington, Buttercrambe, Warthill, York (52 miles).
N.B. It will NOT be necessary to pre-order lunch.

9/1/2019 Ride 1 to Burythorpe.  Leader: Murray Walsh-Banks (0780 586 1696)Route: Strensall, Stillington, Sheriff Hutton, Bulmer, Crambeck, Kirkham, Langton, Burythorpe , Leavening, Garrowby, Bishop Wilton, High/Low Catton, Stamford Bridge, Warthill, Murton, York. GPX Route: WW_Burythorpe_20190109
NOTE: Pre-ordering via Murray is required for lunch in the Bay Horse, Burythorpe. Menu to follow.

9/1/2019 Ride 2a to Selby and Lotherton Hall. Leader: Dave Bean. Route: As Ride 2b on 2/1/2019, below.

2/1/2019 Ride 1 to Malton. Leader: Patrick Seagrave. Route: York , Warthill, Stamford Bridge, Yapham, Givendale, Birdsall, MALTON (Lunch at Morrisons or Kingfisher Cafe), Terrington,Whenby, Stillington, Huby, Skelton, York.  GPX Route: WWMalton20190102

2/1/2019 Ride 2a (NOTE CHANGED DESTINATIONS) to Easingwold and Boroughbridge. Leader: John Longbottom. Elevenses: Sugar Mouse, Easingwold. Lunch: Morrison’s, Boroughbridge

2/1/2019 Ride 2b to Selby and Lotherton Hall. Leader: Bryan Stanton. Leave York by the Riverside and Racecourse. Cycle path to Selby. Elevenses: Morrisons Café. Retrace route turning left before Selby Bridge. Selby Common / Sherburn in Elmet. Lunch: Lotherton Hall. Saxton / Towton / Tadcaster / Oxton / Bolton Percy / Appleton Roebuck / Acaster Malbis / Bishopthorpe / York. (50 Miles). Electronic: WW_Selby_Lotherton

26/12/2018 Informal Ride. Meet 9.30 at Exhibition Square. Destination to be determined by riders in attendance

19/12/2018 Joint Ride to Pocklington and Fridaythorpe.  Leader: Eamon Prendergast. Stops – Elevenses: Pocklington cafes; Lunch: Seaways Cafe. Distance 52 miles. Bikemap route: https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/4716249/ .  GPX: Fridaythorpe 2018-12-19

12/12/18 CHRISTMAS LUNCH, BURN HALL see News & Ads page for details

05/12/18 – Ride 1 to Osgodby/Snaith. Leader – Patrick H, Route – York, Bishopthorpe, Escrick, Skipwith, Osgodby, Selby (canal towpath), Camblesforth Common, Carlton, Snaith, Pollington, West Cowick, Snaith, Carlton, West Haddlesey, Gateforth, Thorpe Willoughby, Cawood, Stillingfleet, Naburn, York. 60 miles. Stops – Elevenses: Garden Centre Osgodby; Lunch: Old Station House Café – Snaith. Electronic WW_Osg_Snaith.fit WW_Osg_Snaith.gpx WW_Osg_Snaith.tcx

05/12/18 – Ride 2 to Helperby / Ampleforth. Leader – Bryan (really!), Route: York / Riverside to Shipton / Beningborough / Linton on Ouse / Aldwark / Flawith / Helperby (Elevenses at Helperby Deli)  Raskelf / Easingwold / Oulston / Turn right BEFORE Coxwold / Left downhill into Ampleforth (Lunch at College Tearooms)/ Through grounds to Gilling / Left fork at Grimston / Descend Snargate Hill / Stearsby / Farlington  / Sheriff Hutton / Strensall / Haxby / York (59 miles)  WW_Helperby_Ampleforth.gpx  WW_Helperby_Ampleforth.tcx

28/11/18 – Ride 1  to Helperby to Wass. Leader Murray Banks 0780 586 1696. Route –  York/ Shipton by Bennibro/ Flawith/ Helperby (11’s @  Helpberby Deli) Hutton Sessay /Hushwaite /Coxwold / Wass (Lunch @ Stapylton Arms – Wass) Yearsley/ Brandsby /Stearsby /Farlington /Sheriff Hutton / Flaxton/ Strensall / York (64miles 2800ft Climb) Route – WW Helperby – Wass 64m

28/11/18 – Ride 2, Osgodby/Snaith. Leader Brian S, Route – York, Osgodby, Selby Barlow Camblesforth Snaith Lunch at Bon Appetite Temple Hirst Burn Brayton Selby Wistow Cawood Stillingfleet Naburn 55 Miles.
21/11/18 Ride 1 – Pocklington/Sledmere Farm Shop – Leader Dave Co. Apologies for changing the stops twice since the schedule was first published! We have had trouble finding suitable cafes. Stops – Elevenses: Pocklington cafes; Lunch: Sledmere Farm Shop and Cafe (01377 236541). Route https://ridewithgps.com/trips/29642863, WW_Pock_Sled4.gpx   WW_Pock_Sled4.tcx

21/11/18 Ride 2 – Pocklington/Wolds Inn Huggate – Leader Andrew M. Apologies for changing the stops twice since the schedule was first published! We have had trouble finding suitable cafes. Stops – Elevenses: Pocklington cafes; Lunch: Wolds Inn Huggate (01377 288217). Route – York, Osbaldwick, Murton, Stamford Bridge, Pocklington Cafes, Millington, Wolds Inn Huggate (01377 288217), Kirby Underdale, Bugthorpe, York. 52 miles, 1550 ft. Electronic route https://www.komoot.com/tour/51753149?ref=wtd. 2018-11-20_51753149_wwPockHuggate.gpx

14/11/18 Ride 1 – Knaresborough/Ripon – Leader Adrian S, Route Askham Bryan, Tockwith, Little Ribston, Knaresborough (Elevenses – cafes on Waterside e.g. Black Mulberry), Lingerfield, Farnham, Bishop Monkton, Ripon (Lunch – Sun Parlour Cafe), Skelton-on-Ure, Boroughbridge, Aldborough, Dunsforths, Newton-on-Ouse. Return to York is very likely to be after sunset (16.07) so lights are required. WW Kbro-Ripon Updated 20181113 (updated Tuesday 13/11: route out of York changed because Skeldergate is closed).

14/11/18 Ride 2 – Arboretum/Scagglethorpe – Leader – Judy W. Note: stops changed to Arboretum, and Ham and Cheese at Scagglethorpe. York, Haxby, Strensall, Flaxton, Foston, Castle Howard Arboretum, Coneythorpe, Malton, Norton, Settrington, Scagglethorpe, North Grimston, Langton, Howsham, Bossall, Sand Hutton, York – approx 53 miles.

7/11/18 Ride 2 – Knaresborough/Ripon – Leader Nick F (07724082942). A route of 64 miles going from York-Dringhouses-Askham Bryan-Tockwith-Cowthorpe-Little Ribston-Knaresborough and Waterside Cafes. Thence to Lingerfield-Farnham-Copgrove-Burton Leonard-Bishop Monkton-Ripon and lunch at the Sun Parlour. Return via Skelton-Langthorpe-Boroughbridge-Great Ouseburn-Newton on Ouse-Benningborough-York. There is a possibility the main group will take coffee at the Watermill Cafe (IF the owner agrees after my preliminary visit) as the Riverside cafe is closed. We will pass through the Waterside to pick up those who want to go on. You are reminded sunset is at 1630. Lights required.  York_to_Ripon_via_Knaresborough_and_Tockwith.tcx  York_to_Ripon_via_Knaresborough_and_Tockwith.gpx

31/10/10 Ride 1- East Cottingwith/Goodmanham – Leader –  Murray Banks (0780 586 1696) Route:Bishopthorpe, Deighton, Escrick, Wheldrake, Sutton on Derwenty, East Cottingwith (Pig in the Willow) Laytham, Harswell, North Cliffe, Mkt Weighton,Goodmanham ( Fiddledrill), Londesborough, Nunburnholme Pocklington,Stamford Bridge, York  (65miles)    https://www.plotaroute.com/route/691820 This will be the 1st ride after the clocks go back. Even though this is only a 64m ride, lights will be required by all as sunset is 16.32

31/10/Ride 2. Leader Steve Green Askham Bryan Askham Richard Angram Long Marston Cowthorpe Little Ribston Knaresborough Old Bilton Bilton Hampsthwaite 
Clint Burnt Yates Bishop Thornton Markington Wormald Green Burton Leonard Copgrove Staveley Arkendale Great Ouseburn Linton on Ouse Newton on Ouse Beningbrough. Check that your lights are working before you set off!

24/10/18 York Wednesday Wheelers AGM, 11.00 AM, Galtres Centre Easingwold, YO61 3AE. Download AGENDA for 2018 AGM with MINUTES for 2007 AGM here.

24/10/18 Ride 1 to and from AGM. Leader: Patrick H  Route (Changed from previous listing): York – Haxby, Strensall – Huby – Easingwold – Husthwaite – Coxwold – Kilburn – Balk (Lunch at the Old Barn Coffee Shop) – Bagby – Dalton – Sessay – Boroughbridge – Aldwark Bridge – Beningbrough – York (65 miles).  WW_AGM_Bagby.gpx   WW_AGM_Bagby.tcx

24/10/18 Ride 2 to and from AGM.Leader: Andrew M. Route (Changed from previous listing): York – Haxby – Strensall – Huby – Easingwold – Alne – Home Farm Shop and Cafe Beningborough (11 miles from Easingwold)York (total 36 miles).

17/10/18 Ride 1, Knaresborough/Hampsthwaite, Leader: Dave Co,  Route   WW_Hampsthwait3.tcx

17/10/18 Ride 2, Allerthorpe Lakes/Goodmanham, Leader: Nick Folkard 07724082942. Route: Exhibition Square, Bishopthorpe via cycle track, Escrik, Wheldrake, Elvington, Thornton, Allerthorp, Goodmanham (lunch at Fiddle Drill), Londesborough, Bielby, Pocklington, Stamford Bridge and York. 98 km or 60 miles. Ascent gained 406m or 1230ft. Wheelers_ride_to_Goodmanham.gpx  Wheelers_ride_to_Goodmanham (2).tcx

10/10/18 Combined Ride – Pocklington / Fridaythorpe – Leaders: Phil Marsham and Dave Bean. Route: Square / Stockton Lane / Warthill / Stamford Bridge / POCKLINGTON / Millington / Huggate / FRIDAYTHORPE / Thixendale / Leavening / Bossall / Upper Helmsley / Gate Helmsley / Home. 60 miles. Fridaytrpe10-10.gpx

03/10/18 Ride 1 Easingwold/Helmsley, Leader – Colin Langley (07776 187850) Route – Cycle path to Beningborough/Linton/Alne/Easingwold (Sugar Mouse and other cafes in square) Oulston/Turn right on gated road at Newburgh Priory/Ampleforth/Scawton/Rievaulx/Helmsley/Harome/West Ness/Slingsby/Castle Howard/ Flaxton/Strensall/Haxby – 73 Miles  WW_Easingwold and Helmsley.gpx

26/9/18 Ride 1, Rabbit Hill / Fountains Abbey – Leader – Colin Langley (07776 187850) Route: Askham Richard, Tockwith, Whixley, Rabbit Hill, Farnham, Bishop Monkton, Markington, Fountains Abbey, Ripon, Boroughbridge, Helperby, Myton, Aldwark, Benningborough, York (81 miles) Possible 3rd stop at Boroughbridge or Helperby  WW Fountains Abbey.gpx

26/9/18 Ride 2, Esingwold/Helmsley – leader Bryan – Square / Cycle Path / Beningbrough / Aldwark village / Alne / Easingwold (Clarks in Market Place is closed but Long Street open.  Otherwise cafes in the Market Place) / Uppleby / Oulston / Turn Right before Coxwold on small gated road / Ampleforth / Sproxton / Helmsley (Cafes for lunch) / Harome / West Ness / East Ness / Slingsby / Castle Howard / Foston / Thornton le Clay / Flaxton / Strensall / Haxby / Home. (67 Miles). WW_Easingwold_Helmsley.tcx  WW_Easingwold_Helmsley.gpx

19/9/18 Combined ride, Arboretum/Pickering – Leaders Adrian Setter and Andrew Richardson. Route: Haxby, Strensall, Flaxton, Thornton le Clay, Foston, Yorkshire Arboretum Castle Howard (coffee). Slingsby, Barton le Street, Great Barugh, Pickering (lunch). Lendales, Kirby Misperton, Ryton, Malton, Low Hutton, Westow, Howsham, Bossall, Sand Hutton. Possible 3rd stop at either Malton or Stamford Bridge. 67 miles https://www.komoot.com/tour/45892196/zoom

12/9/18 Group 2 Holme on Spalding Moor/Skidby Mill – Leader Steve G. Route Crockey Hill, Wheldrake, Elvington, Sutton upon Derwent, Melbourne, Everingham, Home on Spalding Moor, Beechwood Serves, North Cliffe, South Cliffe, Hotham, South Newbald, High Hunsley, Riplingham, Sails Cafe Skidby, Little Weighton, Walkington, Molescroft, Cherry Burton, Elton, Goodmanham, Londesborough, Burnby , Nunburnhoe, Pocklington, Bolton, Stamford Bridge, Gate Helmsley, Warthill, York. 90 miles.

5/9/18 Group 2 Welburn/North Grimston – Leader Andrew M (0791 961 8306); Stops Leaf and Loaf, Welburn (01653 618352), The Middleton Arms, North Grimston (01944 768255), Stamford Bridge, No 10 Bistro (01759 371624, open for tea and cakes); Route Osbaldwick, Murton, Sand Hutton, Crambe, Welburn, Coneysthorpe, Malton, North Grimston, Grimston Brow, Thixendale, Leavening, Leppington, Buttercrambe, Stamford Bridge, York (62 miles). Electronic route Komoot, wwNGrimston.gpx

29/08/18 Joint ride.Boroughbridge/Masham, Leaders Patrick H and Judy W. Cafés, Morrisons Boroughbridge and Masham – various cafés. Route: Beningbrough, Great Ouseburn, Marton/Grafton, Boroughbridge, Skelton on Ure, Bridge Hewick, Hutton Conyers, Wath, West Tanfield, Well, Masham, Grewelthorpe, Kirby Malzeard, Winksley, Ripon, Littlethorpe, Bishop Monkton, Roecliffe, Boroughbridge, Aldbrough, Lower Dunsforth, Newton on Ouse, Overton, York. WW_Masham.gpx WW_Masham.tcx

22/8/2018 Ride 1: Wetherby / Golden Acre – Leader: Eamon. Elevenses at Morrisons Wetherby, Lunch at Golden Acre Cafe. Distance 67 miles, Bikemap route https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/4599521

22/08/18 Ride 2: Malton / Dalby Forest. Leader: Bryan. Stockton Lane / Upper Helmesley / Sand Hutton / Bossall / Howsham / Westoe / Menethorpe / Malton (Elevenses at Morrisons). Norton / Settrington / Thorpe Bassett / Rillington / West Knapton / Yedingham / Eberston / Dalby Forest (Lunch at the Visitors Centre). Leave Dalby then Thornton le Dale / Kirby Misperton / Great Habton / Amotherby Castle Howard (Tea stop if time), Foston / Thornton le Clay / Flaxton / Strensall / Haxby / Home. WW_Dalby.gpx

15/8/2018 Ride 1 to Yorkshire Arboretum, Thornton-le-Dale (Lunch) and Dalby
Leader: Murray WB.
Haxby, Strensall, Flaxton, Arboretum, Amotherby, Kirby Misperton, Thornton-le-Dale, Dalby, Ebberston, West Knapton, Winteringham, West Lutton, Norton (optional stop, Malton), Westow, Bossall, Stockton-on-the-Forest.
89 miles, 4700ft ascent. Route (GPX): WW Dalby

15/8/2018 Ride 2 to Wetherby and Golden Acre
Leader: Dave B. York, Askham Bryan, Thorp Arch, Wetherby (Elevenses), Sicklinghall, Weeton, Arthington, Golden Acre (Lunch), Scarcroft, Bramham, Tadcaster (Tea), Bolton Percy, Acaster Malbis, York
65 miles, 2,500ft ascent. Route (GPX): Golden_Acre

8/8/18 Joint Ride to Wetherby and Otley. Choice of two routes.
Route 1, Leader Adrian S: Askham Bryan, Walton, Wetherby, Sicklinghall, Weeton, Otley, Askwith, Fewston, Hampsthwaite, Ripley, Knaresborough, Tockwith. 78 miles, 1320m ascent.
Route 2, Leader Andrew R: Askham Bryan, Thorpe Arch, Wetherby, Sicklinghall, Weeton, Otley, Bramhope via East Chevin Road, Eccup Reservoir, Thorner, Bramham, Tadcaster, Bolton Percy, Appleton Roebuck. 70 miles, 1080m ascent.
GPX route details: WW Otley Ride Routes

1/8/18 Ride 1, Pocklington/Burton Agness Hall. Leader: Patrick H (Note change of leader). Map, WW_Burton_Agnes.tcx

1/8/18 Ride 2, Castle Howard Arboretum/Cockayne. Leader: Steve G. The
Church at Cockayne has tea coffee and water to re fill drink bottles, for a
donations to the church. See Ride 1 below for route info.

25/7/18 Ride 1, Castle Howard Arboretum/Cockayne. Leader Patrick H. An 82 mile ride anticlockwise around Bransdale. Route: Strensall, Foston, Arboretum, Slingsby, Welburn, Fadmoor, Cockayne, Helmsley, Ampleforth, Newburgh Priory, Easingwold, Beningbrough Hall. There is no café at Cockayne therefore riders are advised to carry some food. On the return journey there will be opportunities to stop for food and drink in Helmsley, Ampleforth and Easingwold. WW_CH_Cockayne.gpx WW_CH_Cockayne.tcx

25/7/18 Ride 2, Pocklington/Burton Agness Hall. Leader – Nick F. A challenging ride of 98 miles or 150 km with over 3000 ft or 1023m of climbing. Route is York, Heworth and thence Stockton Lane to Warthill, Upper Helmsley and Stamford Bridge. On to Pocklington via the usual route, 15 places booked at the Market street cafe. Must depart by 11:30 Kilnwick Percy, Millington, Huggate,Tibthorpe, Kirkburn, Hutton Cranswick, Skerne, Wansford, and Lowthorpe. Arrive Burton Agnes Hall at 3 pm. 10 places booked. Departing Burton Agnes via Woldgate, Kilham, Langtoft, Sledmere, Fridaythorpe Seaways Cafe by 5:30pm. ( open until 8 pm) 15 places booked. Thence Leavening, Howsham, Bossall, Sand Hutton, Upper Helmsley, and return via Stockton Lane to Exhibition Square by 8 pm. Burton_Agnes.tcx

18/7/18 Joint ride, Knaresborough / Brimham Rocks – Leaders: Phil M; Andrew M. Elevenses Knaresborough Cafes (Black Mulberry, 01423 797930; Riverside Cafe, 01423 546759). Lunch Brimham Rocks (you are advised to bring sandwiches, though there is what can only be described as a shack where you can get tea and snacks). Route: Clifton Bridge, Acomb, Askam Bryan, Askam Richard, Long Marston, Knaresborough, Ripley,Clint, Birstwith, Ross Bridge (short stretch of unmetalled track here to avoid nasty hill and shorten route), Hartwith, Brimham Rocks, then follow Way of the Roses Signs back to York (Fountains Abbey, Ripon, Boroughbridge, Beningborough, York). A third stop will be taken somewhere on this route. 77 miles. Electronic route to follow.

11/07/18 Ride 1: Easingwold/South KilvingtonLeader: Murray. Elevenses Easingwold cafes. Lunch, The Old Oak. WW_To_South_Kilvington_72m_2750ft.gpx

04/07/18 Ride 1: Hovingham / Rosedale AbbeyLeader: Eamon. Elevenses at The Park At Hovingham. Lunch at Graze On The Green Rosedale Abbey. Distance 75 miles. (The route is a figure of eight York – Hovingham – Appleton-le-Moors – Rosedale Abbey – Hutton-le-Hole – Castle Howard – York). Bikemap route https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/4508711/

27/6/18 Joint Ride – Leaders: Dave Cook (Ride 1), Nick Folkard (Ride 2). Note Ride 1 and Ride 2 will take different routes and the Elevenses stops are different. Ride 1 will stop at Holme on Spalding Moor, Ride 2  at Osgoodby Garden Centre. Both rides will lunch at the Old Tile Works. (Apologies fort the lateness of this message, having trouble with my email Andrew). Further details below.

27/6/18 Joint Ride – Ride 1.  Route   WW_Humberbr18-2.tcx

27/6/18 Joint Ride – Ride 2. York, Selby York Cycleway, Elevenses at Osgoodby Garden Centre, on to Howden then Gilberdyke, Broomfleet, Elloughton,Welton, North Ferriby, Hessle, cross Humber Bridge, lunch at the Old Tileworks, Barton on Humber, return via Hessle, Swanland, South Cave, Everthorpe, Market Weighton, Londesborough, Burnby, Pocklington where afternoon tea, Stamford Bridge then Eskrick or own routes to York. Approx 98 miles/159km with 600m of ascent. York_to_Humber_Bridge.gpx

Saturday 23rd June, D ride from York Rally, Leader: Andrew Richardson. 37 miles with a coffee stop in Stamford Bridge. Start from Knavesmire, 0910. Route: Outward route via Millennium Bridge, Walmgate Stray, Osbaldwick, Murton, Warthill, Upper Helmsley, Buttercrambe, Skirpenbeck, Bugthorpe, Youlthorpe, Gowthorpe, Full Sutton, Stamford Bridge.
Return via Route 66 to Dunnington, Murton, Osbaldwick, the cyclepath to James St then cutting through to Blue Bridge Lane and the riverside back to Millennium Bridge.

20/6/18 Ride 1: Rabbit Hill / Fountains AbbeyLeader: Adrian. Elevenses at Warrens Café, Rabbit Hill. Lunch at Fountains Abbey Visitor Centre. Distance 78 miles. Beningbrough, Great Ouseburn, Rabbit Hill, Ferrensby, Bishop Monkton, Markington, Fountains Abbey, Ripon, Bishop Monkton, Boroughbridge, Tancred Farm Shop (afternoon stop), Kirk Hammerton, Cattal, Long Marston. GPX route: WW RabbitHill-Fountains

6/6/18 Joint Ride – Leaders: Dave Cook (note changed leader), Andrew Monk. Elevenses Kilnwick Percy (01759 303090), Lunch Cafe Velo, Beverley (01482 679270 – if full try Cole’s Kitchen almost next door, or Cafe Vanessa in the main square). Route: Stanford Bridge, Pocklington, KP, Pocklington, Burnby, Market Weighton, Cherry Burton, Beverley, N and S Newbald, Everingham, Allerthorpe Woods, Stanford Bridge. Group 1 WW Beverley 82m, Group 2 (as Group 1 with slight variation to take in Allerthorpe Lakes and Pocklington for 3rd stop (83m)

30/5/18 Ride 1:Malton / AmpleforthLeader: Eamon. Elevenses at Morrisons Malton. Lunch at Ampleforth College. Distance 71 miles. Bikemap route https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/4430486/

30/5/18 Ride 2:Boroughbridge and Thorp Perrow, Leader: Dave B, Route: York – Shipton – Beningbrough, Aldwark – Elevenses at Morrisons Boroughbridge – Marton, Hutton Conyers – Wath – Kirklington – Snape – Lunch at The Arboretum Thorp Perrow – return to Wath – Rainton – Cundall – Helperby – Flawith – Tollerton – Newton – Afternoon Tea at Home Farm Beningbrough (closes at 17.00) – York. Approx 80 miles. ThorpPerrow2.gpx

23.5.18 Ride 1: Boroughbridge / Thorp Perrow – Leader Dave B. Route: Skelton – Beningbrough – Aldwark – Elevenses at Morrisons Boroughbridge – Marton – Hutton Conyers – Kirklington – Snape – Lunch at The Arboretum Thorp Perrow – Masham – Grewelthorpe – Ripon – Bishop Monkton – Afternoon Tea at Knaresborough – Little Ribston – Tockwith – Long Marston – Askham Bryan. It’s a long ride, about 90 miles! ThorpPerrow.gpx

23.5.18 Ride 2: Malton / Ampleforth – Leader: Bryan. Route: Stockton Lane – Warthill – Upper Helmesley – Sand Hutton – Bossall – Howsham – Westow – Menethorpe. Elevenses at Morrisons Malton – Old Malton – Eden Camp – Great Habton – Little Habton – Great Barugh – Brawby – Salton – Nunnington – Causley’s Bank – Stonegrave – Cawton – Gilling- Lunch at Ampleforth College – Ampleforth – Wass – Oldstead – Kilburn – Coxwold – Husthwaite – Easingwold (Afternoon Tea?) – Alne – Tollerton – Newton on Ouse – Beningborough. (Shorter if wet!)  WW_Malton_Ampleforth.tcx   WW_Malton_Ampleforth.gpx

9.5.18 Ride 1: Easingwold/Hawnby – Leader Patrick Hollier. Elevenses: Clarks (Market Place Easingwold), Lunch: Hawnby Tearoom (01439 798223), Route Strensall – Huby – Easingwold – Newburgh Priory – Coxwold – Oldstead – Hawnby – Helmsley – Harome – Slingsby – Castle Howard – Bossall – Warthill – York. WW_Hawnby.gpx  WW_Hawnby.tcx

2.5.18 Ride 1: Pocklington/Sledmere – Leader,Colin Langley (replacing Dave W) Route Warthill – Stamford Bridge – Meltonby – Pocklington Cafés (Coffee stop)- Millington – Huggate – Wetwang – Sledmere House Café – West Lutton – Settrington – Malton (optional afternoon tea stop) – Menethorpe – Westow – Bossall. WW_Sledmere.gpx

2.5.18 Ride 2: Easingwold/Hawnby – Leader, Nick F, Route A hilly route leaving York via New Earswick, Haxby Huby and Easingwold, (coffee stop at Clark’s) then on via Coxwold and Oldstead, then via Sutton Bank and NCN route 656 to Hawnby (lunch at Hawnby tea rooms). From Hawnby return via Helmsley, Harome, Slingsby, possible stop at the Court Yard cafe Castle Howard, Thornton Le Clay and Flaxton, then on to Strensall and York. Approx distance 68 miles, elevation gain 2230 ft. Route_to_Hawnby.tcx

25.4.18 Combined ride: Knaresborough/Ripon – Leaders: Dave Co, John L, Route: WW_Knares-Ripon.gpx  WW_Kn   Knares-Ripon.tcx

18.4.18 Ride 2: Osgodby/Blacktoft – Leader, Judy W. Take sandwiches – see notes below for Ride 1 , 11.4.18

11.4.18 Ride 1: Osgodby/Blacktoft – Leader, Ian H. Route: Cycle Path to Osgoodby – South Duffield – Hemingbrough – Bridle path past the Barrage – Barmby on the Marsh – Howden – Yorkfleet – Blacktoft – Gilberdyke- Howden – Foggathorpe – Allerthorpe – Pocklington – York. The lunch stop is in the Village Hall at Blacktoft where we have to take a packed lunch. They have tea and coffee facilities there which we have to make ourselves and leave a donation. Electronic Route:WW_Osg-Bktoft_1.tcx

11.4.18 Ride 2: Thorp Arch Estate/Birkin – Leader, Andrew M, Stops: Thorpe Arch Cafe Bistro (01937 845430); Fisheries Tea Room Birkin (07970 727619).  Route: Askham Bryan, Thorp Arch, Boston Spa, Bramham, Aberford, Sherburn in Elmet, Monk Fryston, Birkin, Gateforth, Brayton, Selby, Selby-York Cycle path. A gentle ride  of 57 miles with the tempting option of a 3rd stop at Osgodby. Electronic route: Komoot, york-to-birkin_export.gpx

4.4.18 Combined Ride: Boroughbridge/Thirsk – Leaders, Adrian S and Alan S, Stops: Café stop – Morrisons, Boroughbridge; Lunch stop – Thirsk Cafés.  Route: WW Bbridge-Thirsk.gpx 68 miles

14.3.18 Combined Ride: Yorkshire Arboretum/Kirkbymoorside – Leaders, Eamon P and Colin Langley, Stops: Café stop – Yorkshire Arboretum Café, Castle Howard; Lunch stop – Kirkbymoorside Cafés.  Bikemap route (updated 13/3/18 19.55) –  67 miles

7.3.18 Ride 1 Thorpe Arch/Pannal – Leader, Patrick H, Stops: Café stop – Thorpe Arch Café & Bistro tel: 01937 845430, Lunch stop – Crimple Hall café/bistro ‘The Barrows’ tel: 01423 870800. Route: Thorpe Arch trading estate via Healaugh, cycle path to Wetherby, Sicklinghall, Kirkby Overblow, Pannal, Knaresborough, Scriven, Ferrensby, Arkendale, Great Ouseburn, Newton on Ouse. WW_Crimple_Hall.tcx  WW_Crimple_Hall.gpx

7.3.18 Ride 2 Easingwold / Helmsley – Leader, Bryan S. WW_Easingwold_Helmesley.tcx  WW_Easingwold_Helmesley.gpx

28.2.18 Ride 1 and Ride 2 both CANCELLED. See News for details.

28.2.18 Ride 1 Knaresborough/Ripon – Leader, Adrian; Stops: Knaresborough Riverside Cafés, Ripon Spa Gardens Sun Parlour Café.  WW Knaresborough-Ripon ice.gpx

21.2.18 Ride 1 Hovingham/Burythorpe – Leader, Dave C; Stops: Hovingham Park Cafe and Burythorpe Bay Horse Map, Ride with GPS mapWW_Burythorpe18.tcx

21.2.18 Ride 2 Knaresborough/Ripon – Leader, Nick F; A ride of approximately 68 miles or 108 km from York via Askham Richard, Tockwith, Little Ribston, Knaresborough (Waterside Cafés) Ripley, Watergate, Ripon,(Sun Parlour Café), Sharrow, Copt Hewick, Skelton on Ure, Broughbridge (Morrisons), Great Ouseburn, Linton on Ouse, Shipton by Benningborough. Course available on https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/17330644  , COURSE_17330644.gpx

14.2.18 Joint ride Boroughbridge/Thirsk – Leaders, Dave B and Bryan S; WW_Borobridge_Thirsk.gpx   WW_Borobridge_Thirsk.tcx

7.2.18 Ride 1 Green Hammerton – Leader Ian H; WW-Tad-G-Ham1.tcx

31.1.18 Ride 2 Green Hammerton – Leader Andrew M; Stops: Tadcaster Lemon tree 07768 696584, Green Hammerton, Bay Horse 01423 330338, Route:  Cyclepath by Rowntreee Park, Bishopthorpe Rd, Acaster Malbis, Appleton Roebuck, Bolton Percy, Tadcaster, Cattal, Kirk Hammerton, Green Hammerton, Cattal, Tockwith, Long Marston, Askam Richard. 43 miles. Komoot (added after the event for the record – sorry!)

31/01/2018 Ride 1 Kirby Hill – Leader: Eamon. The Blue Bell Inn was reluctant to offer food so we will head to Morrisons at Boroughbridge  Stops:Easingwold – Morning Coffee Afternoon Tea  Easingwold (01347 821692) & Morrisons at Boroughbridge  57 miles. Bikemap route https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/4298027

24/01/18 Combined ride – Leaders Patrick Hollier and Steve Green; Stops Morrisons, Selby and The Stables Café, Lotherton Hall (Tel 0113 281 2883), WW_Lotherton.gpx , WW_Lotherton.tcx

10/1/2018 Ride 2 Huggate – Leader:John L.  The ride should have a cafe stop at Allerthorpe Leisure Park, however they are closed until the end of February. So as an alternative, we will now stop at the cafes in Pocklington at 11.00am and then ride on to The Wolds Inn at Huggate.  Bikemap route

03/01/2018 Joint Ride to Boroughbridge – Leaders: Adrian and Dave B. 56 miles. Route: WW Knaresbro-Bbridge (gpx).

27/12/2017 Ride 1 Howden – Leader:Ian H. Due to The Garden Centre at Osgoodby being closed on the 27th December we will head to Morrisons at Selby for elevenses, the ride is about 62 miles in total. We will stop at the Cheese Shop in Howden for lunch. Selby-_Howden.tcx

27/12/2017 Ride 2  Thorpe Willoughby, Leader: Dave B, Route: ThorpArch-TW.gpx

20/12/2017 Ride 1 Fridaythorpe – Leader: Dave Co. WW_Fridaythorpe.tcx

20/12/2017 Ride 2 Ampleforth – Leader: Nick F. As this is close to the shortest day of the year, I intend to ride to Ampleforth first for coffee at Kirk’s Tea Room. Lunch will be at Easingwold. Please note this change. The route may be shortened if the weather is bad on the day. Overall distance is  43 miles approximately.  Please ensure you have a good lighting system.Ampleforth 20_12_2017.gpx , BikeMap (Having opened this Bikemap page there is no need to login. Use the right mouse button on the “GPX” link and “Save Link As …”)

06/12/2017 Ride 1 Ampleforth – Leader: Eamon, Stops: Easingwold – Morning Coffee Afternoon Tea  (01347 821692) & Ampleforth – Kirks Coffee House  (01439 788166). 55 miles. Bikemap route https://www.bikemap.net/en/route/4267778  Having opened this Bikemap page there is no need to login. Use the right mouse button on the “GPX” link and “Save Link As …”

29/11/2017 Ride 1 – Leader Patrick Hollier. Stops – Thorpe Arch cafe and bistro, The Fox Thorpe Willoughby. Route: Askham Bryan, Wighill, Thorpe Arch, Boston Spa, Bramham, Aberford, Micklefield, Lumby, Monk Fryston, Hillam, Gateforth, Thorpe Willoughby, Selby, The Lordships, Cawood, Kelfield, Stillingfleet, cycle path back to York. 60 miles. Electronic- WW_ThorpeW.gpx, WW_ThorpeW.tcx

29/11/2017 Ride 2 – Leader Adrian Setter (replacing Andrew M). Stops – Selby Garden Centre, Osgodby; The Cheese Shop, Howden. Route (subject to recce.) 57 miles: NCN65, Woodhall, Loftsome Bridge, Howden, Foggathorpe, Elvington, Wheldrake, Naburn. Electronic – 2017-11-29 Osgodby-Howden (GPX)

15/11/17 Group 2 -Leader Andrew M (replacing Adrian); Stops – Morrisons Wetherby, Scott’s Arms Sicklinghall  – change of venue  (01937 582100); Route – Millennium Bridge, Moor Lane, Askam Richard, Wighill, Thorp Arch TE, WetherbySicklinghall, Kirkby Overblow, Sicklinghall, back by nearly the same route in order to get back before dark. 49 miles. Electronic –Komoot ,GPX

1/11/2017 Group 1 – Leader Ian Hagyard. Stops: Leaf and Loaf, Welburn; The Middleton Arms, North Grimston.  Route: WW Wel-N Grim (zip file containing route as tcx and gpx versions)

18/10/17 Group 1 Leader Dave Cook; Stops Rabbit hill, Ripon; WWRabbit Ripon

18/10/17 Group 2 – Leader Andrew M; Stops – Leaf and Loaf, Welburn (01653 618352), The Middleton Arms, North Grimston (01944 768255); Route – Osbaldwick, Murton, Sand Hutton, Crambe, Welburn, Coneysthorpe, Malton, North Grimston, Grimston Brow, Thixendale, Leavening, Stamford Bridge, York (62 miles). Electronic –KomootGPXNote, new way out of town: right just before Monk Bar, straight across lights at top of Foss Island Rd.

11/10/17 Combined run – Leaders Bryan Stanton and Ken Bottomer; Stops – Castle Howard (Arboretum) and Pickering. ElectronicUpdated in email sent 6/10/17TCX , GPX

4/10/17 Group 1Leader Adrian Setter; Stops – Osgodby (Selby Garden Centre) and Goole (Yorkshire Waterways Museum).  Total distance 65.5 miles. Electronic – GPX, WW 20171004 Osgodby-Goole

20/9/17 Group 1 -Leader Ian H; Stops Tadcaster, Kellington; TCX.

20/9/17 Group 2 -Leader Andrew M; Stops Selby Garden Centre, Osgodby (01757 708658), The Cheese Shop, Howden (01430 432201); Route Selby Cycle path (65), Osgodby, Cliffe, Hemingbrough, Bridle path by river (alternative route via A63), Howden Minster, Foggathorpe, Laytham, Melbourne, Thornton, Barnby Moor, Stamford Bridge, York. Electronic –Komoot ,GPX.