Rides Calendar


There will be up to five rides each Wednesday. With a few, specified, exceptions all depart from Exhibition Square at 9.30 prompt. The distance and pace of rides differs between groups and through the seasons.  As a guide:

  • Group 1: Faster Group
    Average Speed 13 – 15 mph
    Summer Distance 75 – 100 miles (elevenses & lunch stops)
    Winter Distance 50 – 65 miles (lunch only)
  • Group 1A: Medium Group
    Average Speed 12 – 14 mph
    Summer Distance 70 – 100 miles (elevenses & picnic lunch)
    Winter Distance 45 – 65 miles (elevenses & picnic lunch)
  • Groups 2 & 3: Slower Groups
    Average Speed 11 – 12 mph
    Summer Distance 70 – 100 miles (elevenses & lunch)
    Winter Distance 40 – 65 miles (elevenses & lunch)
  • Group 4: Slowest Group
    Average Speed 10 – 11 mph
    Summer Distance 45 – 65 miles (elevenses & lunch)
    Winter Distance 40 –50 miles (elevenses & lunch)


Further details of the rides listed below are generally published on or before the preceding Monday in  the Group Rides area of the York Wednesday Wheelers’ Forum.

February and March 2023

1st February1HowdenMurray WB
1AKirk Hammerton/Nun Monkton (lunch at Tancred)Richard W
2Castle Howard ArboretumMaltonColin L
3PocklingtonHolme on Spalding MoorGeoff P
8th February1HarrogateMurray WB
1ANorth Cave WetlandsColin W
2PocklingtonHolme on Spalding MoorMargaret S
3Castle Howard ArboretumMalton
4Thorpe ArchKnaresborough
15th February1SledmereMurray WB
1ACanals – Lunch RiponDave W
2EasingwoldThirskPhil M
3SelbyKellingley (Hidden Tearoom)John W
4Castle Howard ArboretumMaltonAndrew R
22nd February1OtleyMurray WB
1ASpofforth Castle/KnaresboroughDave C
2SelbyKellingley (Hidden Tearoom)Adrian S
3EasingwoldThirskBryan S
1st March1MaltonMurray WB
1A3 Hills of AcklamPatrick H
2PocklingtonGoodmanhamColin L
3WelburnKirkbymoorsideMargaret S
4Bishop WiltonPocklington
8th March1HarewoodMurray WB
1AHowardian RidgeSally R
2WelburnKirkbymoorsideTim H
3PocklingtonGoodmanhamJohn W
4EasingwoldThirskJudy W
15th March1WhixleyMurray WB
1ARipon CathedralPatrick S
2PocklingtonFridaythorpeGeoff P
22nd March1Thornton le DaleMurray WB
1ATurbines and Mills – Pickering
2KnaresboroughRiponPhil M
3PocklingtonFridaythorpeGinny W
4Thorpe ArchLotherton Hall
29th March1Rievaulx AbbeyMurray WB
1ABattle of TowtonRoger B
4EasingwoldBoroughbridgeJudy W

Ride Details Archive to March 2020