Rides Calendar

There will be up to five rides each Wednesday. With a few, specified, exceptions all depart from Exhibition Square at 9.30 prompt. The distance and pace differs between rides and through the seasons.  As a guide:

  • Ride 1: Faster
    Average Speed 13 – 15 mph
    Summer Distance 75 – 100 miles (elevenses & lunch stops)
    Winter Distance 50 – 65 miles (lunch only)
  • Ride 1A: Medium
    Average Speed 12 – 14 mph
    Summer Distance 70 – 100 miles (Picnic lunch with elevenses stop at leader’s discretion)
    Winter Distance 45 – 65 miles (Picnic lunch with elevenses stop at leader’s discretion)
  • Rides 2 & 3: Slower
    Average Speed 11 – 12 mph
    Summer Distance 70 – 100 miles (elevenses & lunch)
    Winter Distance 40 – 65 miles (elevenses & lunch)
  • Ride 4: Slowest (and shortest)
    Average Speed 10 – 11 mph
    Summer Distance 45 – 65 miles (elevenses & lunch)
    Winter Distance 40 –50 miles (elevenses & lunch)


Further details of the rides listed below are generally published on or before the preceding Monday in  the Rides area of the York Wednesday Wheelers’ Forum.

June 2023

Our rides depend on those members who volunteer to lead them. As you can see, some rides below do not yet have a leader. We always need more leaders. Please consider volunteering.

14th June1Rosedale AbbeyMurray B
1AGarton in the WoldsPatrick S
2RiponThorpe PerrowPhil M
3MaltonDalbyJohn W
4AllerthorpeGoodmanhamAndrew R
21st June1Lofthouse/Masham (EB)Ian Hampton
1ALincolnshire Wolds (by car)Roger B
2MaltonHutton CranswickDave C
3HowdenHumber BridgePhil S
4Thorpe ArchKnaresboroughBryan S
28th June1Folly LakesMartyn A
1AOrchids and Wolds RailwaySally R
2HowdenHumber Bridge
3MaltonHutton CranswickMargaret S
4OsgodbyBlacktoftJudy W

July – September 2023

5th July1Settle (car to Ilkley)Murray B
1ADriffieldBridlington Priory (EB)
3PocklingtonFridaythorpe (Hockney Landscapes)Dave Bean
4Thorp ArchAllerton BywaterNick F
12th July1Scarborough (early bird)Ian Hampton
1ALedsham, Ledstone & St AidensSally R
2PocklingtonFridaythorpe (Hockney Landscapes)Dave Bean
19th July1Cloughton (Malton by car)Murray B
1AOsmotherley (EB)Colin L
2PocklingtonBurton AgnesJohn W
3BoroughbridgeRiponPhil M
4PocklingtonMarket Weighton
26th July1Humber Bridge (EB)
1AWW2 Plane Crash sitesRichard W
3PocklingtonBurton AgnesAdrian S
4WetherbyBoroughbridgeNick F
2nd August1Brimham RocksIan Hampton
1AOlicana Roman Fort (Ilkley) (EB)
3WetherbyRoundhay ParkNick W
4Thorp ArchBirkin
9th August1Hornsea (early bird)Murray B
2WetherbyRoundhay Park
4Castle Howard ArboretumMalton
16th August1High Mill/Church Houses
1ATan Hill (by car)Roger B
2Thorp Arch/WetherbyOtley/Ilkley
3EasingwoldThirskPhil M
4KnaresboroughRipleyNick F
23rd August1BeverleyIan Hampton
1ACollinghamTemple NewsamColin L
2EasingwoldThirskJohn W
3Thorp Arch/WetherbyOtley/Ilkley
30th August1Pately Bridge (by car)Murray B
1AWheeldale & Egton (EB)
2Castle Howard ArboretumCropton/RosedaleAdrian S
4EasingwoldThirskJudy W
6th September1Pately Bridge
1AYorkshire Sculpture Park (£6 entry)Patrick S
2PocklingtonGoodmanhamGinny W
3Castle Howard ArboretumCropton/Rosedale
4Bishop WiltonPocklington
13th September1Egton Bridge (early bird)Ian Hampton
1AMiddleham (by car)Roger B
2WetherbyFewstonJohn W
4WetherbySherburn in Elmet
20th September1Temple NewsamMurray B
2OsgodbyBlacktoftPhil M
4EasingwoldBoroughbridgeJudy W
27th September1Harewood
1AHow Stean GorgeDave W
3RipleyPately Bridge
4Thorp ArchLotherton

Ride Details Archive to March 2020