Bike Week Pledge Winner


You may remember one Wednesday morning in June, in Exhibition Square, Nick Folkard handing out leaflets encouraging us to sign up to the Bike Week Pledge.  I did, and I won the first prize, which was a bike to the value of £600 from Halfords. Hmm.

I found that Halfords didn’t actually have anything at that price that I was terribly interested in having, only similar – and if anything, poorer – versions of things I already have, and they wouldn’t let me chip in to upgrade from £600.  I decided to donate my prize to my partner, Claire, who has been aspiring to her first “proper” road bike in anticipation of becoming a Wednesday Wheeler herself in three or four years.  Thanks to Halfords’s end-of-season reductions, we even managed to get something quite nice: a Boardman Road Comp

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