Proposed LEJoG Tour, June 2020

Further to an earlier post proposing such a trip in September 2019, this has been postponed until June 2020; see the message from Murray, below. If interested, contact Murray (email, 0780 586 1696).

Hi Folks

As some of you will know we have postponed this years Le Jog trip due to declining numbers, injury etc.
What we have now decided is to plan it for 2020.
Having spoken to the owner of Peak Tours, all the itinerary, bike pick up etc will remain the same as what we were getting for the 2019 Tour, so we have no issues there.
The date that we will be starting now is Tuesday 9th June 2020, as this fits in with Peak Tours other Le Jog holidays, as this is one of there busiest times.
With that in mind I want to get things started early so that more people have an opportunity of joining us for this fantastic tour.
If you would like to undertake the tour, could you please let me know by Sun 31 March 2019 so that I can start forward planning for deposits etc.
If you are looking to join us, I will be taking deposits starting in June so that we can get it booked.
If you don’t have the info that I sent out for the 2019 Tour let me know and I shall forward you a copy.
This gives us a good chance of getting over the 10 places we need to do an Adhoc Tour.

Thanks and hope you can all join the Big Adventure! Any questions please ask.




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